Nick Brown

This class (Branding & Marketing for Social Organizations) has enabled me to develop the framework necessary to grow my business’s brand image/messaging, as well as provided the structure for my company’s overall mission.

Chrystal Anderson

Professor Chazin truly loves what he does, and his passion is infectious. His lessons helped me to develop a marketing strategy for my job as well as my personal side business venture. I am so glad that I invested in his class, Branding & Marketing for Social Organizations.

Windsor Pichitpongchay

It was truly a pleasure and a privilege to be in the presence of Ethan Chazin during our class, Branding & Marketing for Social Organizations. He infused the class with his genuine passion, shared personal experiences and taught with an energy that made marketing applicable not only to our careers, but also in life. Much appreciation, and THANK YOU, professor Chazin!

Ysabel Chavez

This was one of the best classes that I have ever taken! I honestly was interested in this topic (Branding & Marketing for Social Organizations) and Professor Chazin did an awesome job keeping the class engaged. I have raved to my parents and friends how much I have enjoyed this class. There were so many great take-away’s. Thank you, Professor Chazin!

Samiat Okoye

Professor Chazin is a ball of energy! He possesses a passion for educating all his students, on the impact of branding and marketing, as well as creating our professional brand for career success and identifying your ‘WHY!’ Professor Chazin consistently encourages students to take risks and seize opportunities.

Susan Corcoran

Professor Chazin is a passionate, energizing, and engaging teacher who knows his stuff. He clearly loves what he does, and thoroughly enjoys the classroom environment. I learned so much and can use his teaching in my day-to-day work.