Michael Kotlyar

Professor Chazin is intelligent, open-minded and approachable. Throughout the entire semester, Professor Chazin was always facilitating classroom discussion and welcoming diverse opinions. His assignments were thought-provoking, and he always gave meaningful feedback. The final project in his course taught me a significant amount of how organizations function, both formally and informally. In closing, Professor Chazin made it clear that he loves to give back to his students, and he wishes only the best for them.

Yihan Fu

Thank you Professor Chazin for being a great professor and guiding me on the path for a more successful career. Thank you for sharing your experiences and teaching beyond the textbook. I have learned so much more about what true leadership is and how to become a leader.

Muhammad Usman Ahsan

This class (Organizational Behavior) made my Business Management minor 100 times more interesting. Professor Chazin’s teaching style, real world examples, in-class activities and personal attention towards each student are some of the many opportunities no one would want to miss out on. As a Mechanical Engineering student not having much exposure to organizational cultures and environments, Professor Chazin’s class has opened many perspectives for me as I plan on graduating next semester and start building my career. Thank you for an awesome class!

Jose Rivera

As a new manager, I faced many challenges. I needed to make sure I was doing everything in my power to take care of my team’s needs and ensure that work was completed. The class (Leadership for New Managers) was essential in providing me with the tools that I could use. I was able to apply the information provided in the class immediately to my work. I’m extremely happy I took this course and fortunate to have had Ethan as the instructor. Ethan’s style of teaching was the key to truly understanding the course content.

Michelle Nelson

Thank you, Professor! What a ride! Besides learning the concepts of Management & Human Behavior, your class presentations were enlightening, fun, and made learning easier. You have definitely found your purpose in life. Thanks again!! I’ll NEVER forget this class.

Sana Zia

Professor Chazin’s course (Management & Human Behavior) was highly engaging and interactive. It was one of the best courses in the MBA program at St. Peter’s. Insightful and different than just “textbook” based instruction. Our learning was based on Professor Chazin’s real-life knowledge and strategies on management and how leadership affects the workforce. Prof. Chazin is thoughtful, energetic, ambitious and truly connects with his students.