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In 2024 Maximize Your Employee ROI With a Performance/Productivity Driven People Strategy.
Hello. As an employee performance coach, I strongly advise you to act now. As we head towards the fourth quarter of 2023 and you begin your 2024 planning, the single most impactful thing you can do to safeguard your growth and success next year is to get a handle on your people’s performance and productivity as it impacts your profitability.
Your employees are so much more than your largest expense. In fact, they are NOT an expense to be managed, rather your single greatest powerful advantage. But only if/when you understand your investment in them, and how to unleash their potential.
Do you have a clear vision for your 2024 employee investment strategy? What you need to do:
1. Contact me ASAP: (917) 239-5571 |
2. Schedule your complimentary people investment consultation with me.
3. Take my organization culture survey to determine if you are a culture built for growth or dead organization walking.
4. Let me walk you through my proprietary 10-step human capital audit.
5. Maximize your people investment strategy! Hire me to train your employees and coach your executives using their work outputs as a gauge to quantify productivity gains.
6. Allow me to help you build a culture that facilitates unleashing your employee’s performance and productivity, to maximize your profitability.
Contact me by November 3rd, 2023 to reserve your consultation. After we’re done, you can decide how best to engage me AND leverage the results to optimize your human capital investment in your final 2024 strategic plan.

Ethan conducts team-based training on the following professional development skill categories to unleash employee untapped potential and increase productivity, thereby increasing his client’s profitability:

  • Client Relationship Management
  • New Client Acquisition
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Effective Communications
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Team-Building
  • Employee Motivation/Engagement/Empowerment

Want to see examples of the presentations that I have conducted? Ask me for my Powerpoints that I use to conduct these programs.

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Why My Clients Love Me.

“If you are truly interested in changing your mindset on how to manage your life, this (Time Management) class is for you. Ethan did a great job of pointing out challenges to time efficiency and how to resolve those issues.” Ed Markey, IT Director, Belmar, NJ
Ethan Chazin opened my eyes to the power and importance of building ethical cultures in organizations. I have much more awareness and tools after having attended his program (Leverage Ethics for Lasting Competitive Advantage conducted at the Garden State Council NJ SHRM conference), in addition to motivation to promote the ethical behavior within my organization. Michael Colucio, HR Director, True World Group, LLC
“Ethan delivered an engaging, provocative, introspective training session (Remaining Ethical in Morally Challenging Times) in which he discussed universal principles.” Gail Becker, Professor, Middlesex County, NJ Community College.
“Ethan Chazin (Remaining Ethical in Morally Challenging Times) is energetic, eager, excited, lively, witty, amusing, determined, bright, confident, sparkling, vivid, methodical, maniacal, practical, serious, tactful, tough, zany, youthful, capable, keen, quick, and& ACCOMPLISHED!” Jeffrey Smith, CPWM, CRP, CGT Supervisor, Holmdel, NJ Office of Public Works
“Ethan was wonderful, he hit all the marks on what I was looking for in the “Effective Team-Building” training for my staff. He is engaging and thought provoking, and masterful at eliciting participation. It was clear that he invested time and effort into providing the team with training that pertained to them. He was on time, had a well-planned agenda and presentation. I can’t think of anything I would change about his training.” Rosemary Jones, Settlements & Power Billing Mgr, Sierra Nevada Region, Western Area Power Authority
“For the past several years, Ethan has taught programs in workplace ethics and time management to audiences ranging from public works personnel to utility managers and self-employed entrepreneurs. The evaluations for each and every program have shown him to be a popular and effective instructor. He always finds a way to link the classroom material to the real world and takes care to demonstrate why it is important to learn and understand what is being presented. His combination of energy, humor and informality genuinely makes learning fun – something that is not always easy to accomplish with adult learners! With the heart and soul of a lifelong learner and a lifelong teacher, Ethan truly wants folks to learn and grow from his presentations.” Carol Broccoli, Office of Continuing Professional Education, Rutgers University
“Ethan was an amazing instructor that was able to take really dry subject (Professionalism) and transform it into a lively attention-grabbing program that did not feel like four hours in a classroom. Thank you!!” October 12, 2016. Jonathan Capitelli, Emergency Medical Service, Jersey City Medical Center
“The strategies and approach you shared helped guide my overall understanding of true professionalism and how to apply them towards helping me to maximize my full potential in the future. Thank you for being passionate about what you teach.” October 12, 2016. Suzane Thomas, Jersey City Medical Center
“I enjoyed your presentation on Professionalism. It was eye-opening, really changed my perspective. I would definitely recommend it for my co-workers. I can apply what I learned in my work and personal life. Thank you.” October 12, 2016. Milagros Rivera, Counseling & Testing, Greenville Site, Jersey City Medical Ctr.
“Your enthusiasm kept us on the edge of our seats!” (Remaining Ethical in a Morally Compromised World, Sept. 30, 2016.) Mike Candarella, President, Dept. of Public Works, South Orange, NJ
“Ethan was great. He presented effectively on a topic (“Remaining Ethical in a Morally Compromised World”) that is so, SO important! I found vour presentation highly informative and enthusiastic. You enforced principles which I believe in, while introducing new information. I feel I will be better able to perform my daily job in interacting with my employees and the public, because of your course. I certainly would recommend you to my peers and will keep an eye out for more of your offerings.” Kyle Nelson, President, Dept. of Public Works, Maplewood Township


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