Ethan L. Chazin MBA is a performance improvement coach and change management consultant. He works with clients to assess their employee outputs (what they produce/accomplish/do) that can actually be measured.

He assesses, designs, develops, implements, and evaluates the success of his employee training, executive coaching, and culture transformation initiatives on the outputs of his clients’ employee work and consults with them to maximize their people’s performance and productivity which leads to optimizing their profitability.


1) Assessing, designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating their employee training and development to achieve “MEASURABLE” increases in their work outputs thus their performance and productivity. In other words, I provide employee ROI to maximize their people investment strategies.

2) Conduct one-on-one and group-based business owner/executive team coaching to align competing goals, improve communications, develop leadership skills, reduce conflicts, identify differing personality/preferred communication styles, and get leadership teams on the same page.

3) Work with organizations to help them build powerful workplace cultures that enable them to recruit, acquire, and retain their best talent by offering their people a world-class culture, overcome changing business imperatives, and develop workforce strategies.

The Chazin Group LLC delivers management consulting expertise in all facets of organizational development and growth planning including: strategic planning, sales growth and marketing guidance, client acquisition, engagement and retention, new business development, leadership cultivation, talent management, employee training and development, human resources assistance, and career management consulting services (career exploration, work readiness, career transition, self-assessments, performance reviews, outplacement assistance, networking, job search strategies, diversity and inclusion, employee engagement and empowerment) to professionals at all experience levels. We work with solo practitioners, entrepreneurs, contractors, executives, family business owners, senior management teams, and professionals in for-profit, non-profit, and Government institutions.

Check out Ethan’s video introduction to hear from him how he will help your organization transform its culture from “good enough” to “GREAT!”, and unleash your people’s untapped potential with his unique approach to employee training & development.