Upcoming Talks from The Chazin Group of New York/New Jersey

Check Me Out at These Events.

Let me know if you plan on attending any of these organization’s events that I will be speaking at. We can set up a time to chat, either before or after my talk.

1. Sign up for My Pre-recorded Training Webinars.

  • FEB 2: Watch my interview with Tom Grech, Queens Chamber of Commerce (play until the 15:15 mark) for their “Meet the Author” Series, in which I shared my journey of exploration which led to my second book, The Compassionate Organization.
  • FEB 2: I conducted a webinar: “Communicating With Consistency & Accuracy” hosted by Lorman Education.
  • FEB 3: I was interviewed by Emma McDermott, Editor of Business Transformation Network about the importance of organizations transforming their cultures. Listen to the podcast, where I also discuss key findings from the research that I conducted that formed the basis for my book The Compassionate Organization.

    2. Enroll in My Business Owner/Executive Boot Camps & Roundtables

  • Enroll in my FREE business breakthrough growth Roundtable Tuesday, Nov. 2 from 7:30-9:30AM ET. I will take passionate business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs on a journey to an entirely new level of peak performance. After years in development, I am making this offer FOR FREE! Why? These programs enable me to become more adept at helping my clients drive their businesses forward in times of global pandemic and challenging business climates with economic uncertainty.

    Contact me to enroll. Space is limited to no more than 15 business break-through professionals.

    Check back frequently to learn about my upcoming coaching and training events, and my motivational talks.