Testimonials About The Chazin Group of New Jersey/New York

"Ethan Chazin is effective in his business consulting and helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Through his experiences, he has gained the knowledge necessary to get his clients’ businesses on the right track to success."

Michele Aline - Co-Founder & President, Aline Administrative Services

"Ethan has been so helpful with my business. He understands what I need to get done and helps me stay focused. Since I’ve started working with Ethan, I’m working smarter, not harder."

Rosanna Perch

"I have known Ethan through his role as a service provider at NYC Business Solutions Lower Manhattan Center for several years now. From my first encounter with Ethan, I knew he was a dedicated, enthusiastic, highly intelligent business consultant. Ethan exhibits extremely high levels of professionalism, compassion, and strategic guidance to business owners, and up and coming entrepreneurs. It has been a pleasure working with him, and I consider his methods and insight to be invaluable. I would recommend him for any consulting role, big or small, as he would be an amazing addition to any team fortunate enough to acquire his knowledge and expertise."

James Venia - NYC Business Solutions, Lower Manhattan Center

"I wanted to say thank you again for taking time last week to share your experiences and expertise in website creation/entrepreneurship. The information you gave was very useful for us starting new businesses. I look forward to our upcoming consultation."


"Ethan is a fantastic business coach with a wealth of information I can’t even begin to list out. He works with all sorts of businesses small and large. In one month, the volume of things I’ve accomplished with my small business is just incredible."

Heather - Wagging Tails

"The Chazin Group has helped my organization immensely. Ethan Chazin is a top notch professional who understands the intricacies of communication and management like no one else I’ve seen. I have had a great deal of positive feedback from staff about Ethan’s style and he has added value here in many, many tangible and measurable ways. In addition, Ethan is an excellent leadership coach who has helped me achieve greater confidence, as well as a clearer sense of vision. I cannot say enough about him and would recommend him highly to any non-profit manager or small business owner who is looking to maximize the productivity levels of his or her staff."

Josh Keller - Executive Director, Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corp.

"Ethan is patient and eager to help! He challenged me to consider whether my career path was the best fit for me. As a result, I pursued a new field and was accepted into a Master’s program. Prior to working with Ethan, I did not think this opportunity was viable and was probably going to remain in an unsuccessful job search. I am very excited about starting school and identifying new career opportunities as a result of Ethan’s coaching. "

Raji Bhathal

"Ethan’s suggestions and feedback was terrific. It was incredibly helpful for framing & positioning. His input with regards to interviewing techniques was also of immense value. I would absolutely and enthusiastically recommend his services to anyone looking to successfully land their next opportunity. "

Matt - Montclair, NJ

"Ethan has been instrumental in helping me organize and create a strategy to find a career in tough economic times. I find that his approach is proactive and that the skills he teaches are not only effective in finding employment, for also effective in promoting your current job and positioning yourself in a company that is a good fit for your emotional and mental well-being."

Mikki Papa - Hoboken, NJ

"At first, I thought I only wanted to utilize their resume writing service. But then I got laid off and needed them for so much more. The emotional and psychological support they provided was fantastic. They kept me on track in my job search and guided me through these hard economic times until I found my dream job. Thank you!"

Susan - Hoboken, NJ

"I’ve worked with Ethan to help me with my resume and job search strategy, as well as for interview preparation. He is knowledgeable, focused and disciplined in his job search strategies. His insights and methods have helped me to define and pursue the jobs I’m really interested in. "

Teresa Zaki

"Ethan has provided me with great advice and insight during my job search. He has helped me in all phases of the process, from strengthening my resume to preparing for informational interviews. I would recommend Ethan to anyone who is looking for career advice. "

Michael Simon

"A former co-worker had been trying to get me to interview with her new company for some time. It is sales, but not in my current industry. I finally said okay, and “luckily” had a fantastic resume to send over. Long story short, I start my new job in a few weeks! Thanks again. "

Stefanie - Hoboken, NJ

"Thank you for all of your incite and time. You are great at galvanizing and guiding people, and I will recommend your services to anyone looking for small business help."

Olivia Whelan

"Ethan is passionate about career coaching. He provides focused, helpful strategy."

Alice Chiu - NYC

""Ethan is my career counselor. He is patient and helpful in guiding me to find out my career goal. He also instructed me to think about the industry/company/job positions I want to pursue and encouraged me to pursue informational interviews to achieve my career goals. As one of the international students (at Teachers College, Columbia University) who has experienced cultural and language barriers pursuing employment in the US, I really appreciate his dedication and commitment to help me build my confidence and competency in career planning and job searching.""

Fiona Yin - Grad student, Teachers College, Columbia University

""Ethan is a professional who takes his time to help those who he interact with become the best version of themselves. He does not focus on giving you generic advice which will get you a job but he asks you questions so that you know what you are looking for specifically, then guides you on the steps you take in order to achieve your goal. His wisdom shows when he speaks, and anyone would be able to learn something valuable when speaking to him or attending any of his webinars.""

Avitosh Totaram - Full Stack Developer, Student at NYU Tandon

""From the moment I lost my job due to company layoffs, it wasn't until I met with Ethan that I felt somebody was on my side. I quickly learned that Ethan isn't just a "somebody." If his resume doesn't speak for itself, then a conversation with him surely will - his level of professionalism, expertise and knowledge is simply a gift for anyone lucky enough to work with him. After months of unsuccessful job hunting, it only took a couple of meetings with Ethan to build a strategy that gave me the confidence and savvy needed to network in today's professional arena. Ethan receives my highest possible endorsement to anyone looking to put a laser focus on their career!""

Eric Richman - L&D, Sales Professional

""Ethan effectively and efficiently helped me to revitalize my resume and LinkedIn. From our first conversation, he was conscious of identifying areas for improvement, providing specific action items, and giving positive feedback. We initially connected after he presented a webinar for GW Alumni entitled "Cultivate Powerful Professional Relationships." Due to his influence, I am well on my way to putting that presentation title into practice in my own career.""

Emma Sullivan - Healthcare Professional

""Ethan is an amazingly honest and upfront career coach! I found him to be motivating, inspiring, and encouraging throughout the career counseling process. He really changed the way I conceptualized networking and encouraged me to connect more in order to go steadfast into the career of my dreams.""

Sadikchhya Khanal - Research Assistant, Columbia University

""Ethan's professional development training was informative, interesting, valuable, and engaging. After the training, I utilized the strategies that he covered with our Cohort and I was able to apply them to prepare for my interview (with Cognizant). Ethan provided many strategies to boost my self-confidence as I prepared for the interview and he also provided me with one-on-one coaching to prepare. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in Ethan's candidate training on behalf of Quintrix for the Cognizant consulting engagement. Thanks to Ethan I am MUCH more confident that I will be successful in my career. Thank you, Ethan!""

Maria Sanchez

""I had the pleasure of having Ethan as an instructor for a Soft Skills Business class. Each week, he brought a level of knowledge, energy, and enthusiasm that I have never experienced during my many years of study. His class may have only lasted one hour each week, but it was not only something that I looked forward to, but the lessons taught I will remember for years to come. I look forward to having the chance to apply what I have learned from Ethan not only in future interviews and careers, but also in my social interactions, relationships, and life.""

Nicholas Janesky - Job Seeker Candidate

""Ethan is very knowledgeable and friendly and an absolute professional. He is very concerned with helping you proceed with your career and will not just give you generic advice but will go into detail on what works best and how to analyze situations and make them in your favor. He is someone I highly recommend if you're in need of a career coach as he won't keep you bored and will always have something to teach or motivate you. I hope to work with him again soon!""

Anil R. Poonai

"As a young professional trying to expand my knowledge in marketing and management, Ethan has been a great coach. His charismatic approach to everything he does undoubtedly make him an easy person to talk to and learn from. Working with Ethan has certainly played a huge part in my overall growth as a professional and an individual. Thank you for the work you do Ethan, I have most definitely learned a lot from you about not only my field but also about myself as an individual."

Emeka Diayi - Marketing Manager, British Swim School, Hudson Waterfront

"As someone who has seen relatively quick growth in my field, I believed I had things pretty well figured out. However, while things may have been going well, the truth is I had so much to learn. This is where Ethan came in. Ethan came in at a perfect time for me. A time where I felt I was doing well, but the overall company faced some struggles that thanks to Ethan’s coaching, I realized I could play a bigger role in fixing. Ethan is like a fountain of wisdom. His years of experience through multiple companies allows him to provide a perception of things that you wouldn’t have thought of. Not only is Ethan’s advice and assistance wise, it’s relatable, it’s palatable, it’s something that you enjoy listening to and putting into action. A lot of times you can go to a seminar, or have a training that can have valuable information, however, the way the information is presented to you makes it very ineffective. Ethan is different in this regard. He’s charismatic, personable, and really knows how to mold a message to help it have a stronger impact. Working with Ethan has had a huge impact on my development and on the way, I process things as a professional and an individual. With Ethan’s help, I feel I have become stronger at understanding how to maximize the efficiency of my team, as well as identify some situations that I would not normally think I was needed in or I could have an impact, and offer my knowledge and assistance. I sincerely thank you for your help, Ethan. I have truly learned a lot from you on how to better prepare, how to better react, and how to truly make my voice heard in an effective and helpful manner. "

Luis Gonzalez - Director of Operations, British Swim School – Hudson Waterfront

"I engaged Ethan’s services to provide ongoing leadership training for my management team. Over the course of his engagement, he has provided critically important one-on-one and group-based coaching that enabled each member to unleash their untapped potential and steer our business forward to ongoing profitability. Ethan has been highly effective at getting to know the inherent strengths and challenges of each individual, then developing and implementing successful coaching strategies that have enabled each individual to maximize their productivity by challenging them to embrace their fears, lean into discomfort and grow at maximum levels. Ethan is an important asset that I rely on to help grow my business."

Robert Stapf - Franchise Owner, British Swim School, Hudson Waterfront

"I work as a Human Resources Manager for a rapidly growing company. Ethan was initially brought on to do a training with our leadership team about being an effective leader. The training went so well and our leaders valued his input so much that we decided to have him come on as a coach to myself and other employees within the organization that work in a leadership position. He also coaches the Owner and CEO of our company. Before Ethan came on board, we were experiencing some severe growing pains and our leadership team was struggling with many aspects of being effective leaders for their teams. There has been nothing, but improvements not just with the leaders as individuals, but with the company as a whole since we have started working with Ethan. We have Ethan come in monthly for one on ones and regularly reach out to him asking for guidance. He always provides useful and insightful solutions and guidance. Ethan will continue to work with our company indefinitely as he has been instrumental in the ongoing success and growth of our team and our company."

Jessica O’Toole - Human Resources Manager, British Swim School, Hudson Waterfront

"This was an awesome class (“Getting Your Point Across.”) Ethan was engaging and informative. It would be a great opportunity to include his subject matter into the core requirements for Rutgers Municipality professional education requirements. "

Kathy Heath - Recycling Coordinator, Randolph Township

"Dear Ethan. Thank you for your wonderful lecture at the New York State Society of CPAs. I appreciate your time and great mission. I also enjoy reading your new book: The Compassionate Organization: And the People Who Love to Work for Them. Great Book! I love it! I have been reading many books from Peter Drucker on Management and Leadership, from Travis Bradberry on Emotional Intelligence, etc. and your book is among the best books I have ever read. I like your unique perspective on what matters most to Millennial workers and I agree with you that compassion is a central driving force for each organization, positioned for success. I couldn’t agree more that one of the most important factors influencing an employees’ level of satisfaction with their employer is the feeling of appreciation they receive. I believe in miracles and I believe I met you on time and for a reason. I am not the “purple cow”. I am the hidden treasure, looking for the key to unlock my full potential. You have the key I have been looking for. Thank you again! Keep doing what you are doing! You are on the right path. I truly appreciate your exceptional work."

Didi Boyadjieva - President, QBO ProAdvisor

"Coming from the corporate world, over the years many speakers tend to reinforce old lessons, but Ethan Chazin grabbed my attention from the moment he sat down with our table to have his pre-presentation chat. Ethan’s presentation kept the learners engaged, he gave us new concepts to grasp, self-reflect on and take back to our teams. Hope to catch another session to expand my knowledge on leadership beginning with the talent we bring into the organization and giving them the tools to grow! Thank you, Ethan."

Melissa Carpinello - Senior HR Generalist, Community Medical Center

"Ethan, Thank you for speaking to our Family Business Forum members on your latest book, The Compassionate Organization. The feedback we received from our members was so positive. They enjoyed the enthusiasm and humor used to relay important information. Hiring and retaining the best employees is in a business owners hands. Everyone went home will a new mindset and skills they could implement immediately. We appreciate you sharing your knowledge with all of us."

Slue Slavin - Program Administrator, Rothman Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, FDU

"I truly enjoyed listening to Ethan give his talk (“The Compassionate Organization”) at our March 22, 2018 Hudson County Chamber of Commerce networking event/book tour. He is smart, informative, thought-provoking, engaging, and has great stage presence. I glanced around and everyone was intently listening, no sneaky texting or side conversations happening. That is a true sign of an captivating speaker. Great presentation!"

Kristina Iulo - Design Director, The CHS Group

"Ethan, I cannot begin to tell you the impact that you made. We have gotten so much feedback on how much people enjoyed your presentation: Leverage Compassion to Build a Great Culture for Team-Building. Several commented that it was so much content that they needed more time with it to fully absorb it. Building teams and leadership was a theme throughout the day, so I think it was a really good setup. You embodied the spirit of edu-tainment... entertaining with great information, presented in a way that was easy to understand and apply. Thank you so much for sharing your time and knowledge with us."

Jill Johnson

"Ethan Chazin opened my eyes to the power and importance of building ethical cultures in organizations. I have much more awareness and tools after having attended his program (Leverage Ethics for Lasting Competitive Advantage conducted at the Garden State Council NJ SHRM conference), in addition to motivation to promote the ethical behavior within my organization."

Michael Colucio - Director of Human Resources, True World Group, LLC

"I enjoyed the flexibility and make up of participants and the relevance of the topic (Time Management.) You were well prepared and took the time to research our attendee information, while challenging the participants to do/think/try new approaches."

Peter de Boon

"Creativeness, enthusiasm and energy. Your course (Time Management) ideas seem promising and I would have liked to have more time (to discuss, explore) than only 3 hours."

Tom Gant - Director, Salem, NJ Water/Sewer Dept.

"I have attended many Diversity & Inclusion seminars over the past few years and this (Diversity & Inclusion) program presented by Ethan was by far the best that I have ever been involved with. If your company has a need for a D&I training program, I highly recommend The Chazin Group and its Owner, Ethan Chazin. It will be the best workplace seminar you will offer your employees."

Bill Potter - President, SHRM, Central NJ Chapter

"Ethan’s (public speaking) workshop is life-transforming he has a rare blend of humor, experience and dynamic grit. Getting a step by step (public speaking) plan for crafting powerful presentation was so helpful in preparing me for networking & outreach. "

Rachel Hood - Operation Hope

"Your (public speaking) training inspired me to take public speaking to the next level. "

Dania Cristobal - Brownsville Partnership

"I loved how engaging you were. You make a challenging feat (public speaking) significantly less daunting."

Kenton Kirby - Crown Heights Community Mediation Center

"Your Public Speaking workshop provided me with the first opportunity to publicly speak. I was nervous, but thought of your advice and visualized your presentation and used it to speak with truth and power."

Rhea Smith - Senator Jessee Hamilton

"Ethan is a motivational speaker. He was encouraging; listening to his talk “Brand yourself for a successful career” made me immediately focus on how I could apply what he was describing as unique, memorable and invaluable, to myself and my career goals. He appeared very dedicated passionate about job searches and how to prepare for them successfully as a student. I appreciated his talk and hope he provides many more!"

Danielle Bruscella - Accounting Major, Wagner College

"Ethan’s presentation: “The art of public speaking and compelling elevator pitches” was concise and engaging. I could relate to all of the topics he covered. The biggest takeaways for me were preparing your talk to answer the audience’s questions: “What’s in it for me?” and “So what?”."

Rhonie Lester

"Ethan helped to personalize public speaking and its process for me. He’s very positive and I was comfortable with him. "

Jorge Fanjul - Chief of Staff, Office of Council Member Julissa Ferreras

"Your presentation “The art of public speaking and compelling elevator pitches” was well thought out and I appreciated the message. I walked away with the importance of building an emotional connection with the audience. The elevator pitch activity was very effective and put into practice what was discussed. VERY ENGAGING! "

Padma Seemangal - Acting Executive Director Indo-Caribbean Alliance

"Ethan gave a great public speaking workshop at the We Are All Brooklyn Fellowship. He imparted actionable and strategic advice about successful public speaking. He was dynamic and engaging! I highly recommend his workshops! "

Karina Weinstein

"I was in your Business Planning Basics class last night. I must say, I left there very impressed. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and you really made that worth our while. Thank you."


"I enjoyed your class last night (Business Planning Basics.) It was very inspirational, and I enjoyed learning all that I will need to accomplish, to start my business. "


"Ethan Chazin provided an inside aspect of the struggles our students may face in life. By including the students in everyday situations using role playing on interviews he provided considerable insight. "

Ginette Sano - Placement Coordinator, Globe Institute of Technology

"The presentation was entertaining and educational, reaching the college student leaders and leaving them with practical ideas to ensure their continued success in the marketplace. I highly recommend this fine presenter to all Career Service offices – Mr. Chazin corroborates our message at all levels."

Cora Perone - Assistant Director, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

"Ethan Chazin’s presentation (Breaking Into the Business of Sports) was terrific. Mr. Chazin provided many back-end strategies for entering the sports industry that are easy to implement. The presentation opened my eyes to the many different avenues leading to the sports industry besides the four major sports leagues. I am confident that by incorporating Mr. Chazin’s strategies into my job search, I will significantly increase my chances for success. "

Nick Brenza - President, Zicklin School of Business Sports Club, Baruch College

"Ethan did a great job. He was a great presenter (Breaking Into the Business of Media & Entertainment program), very fun, so it made it very easy to listen to him. Unlike other speakers, I enjoyed how he spent time giving background on the industry."

Lindsay - Manhattan College

"Samuel Field YMHA had wonderful feedback regarding your presentations (What’s Working in Today’s Job Market.) Thank you for everything and for the expertise, enthusiasm, kindness and humor that you are bringing to our Queens Connect to Care. "

Jeri Mendelsohn

"I cannot express with mere words what a great pleasure your class (on Personal Branding for a Career Transition) was! You have inspired me to look and think deeper about my future career path and the options that I have. You have promoted a whole set of new creative ideas. Thank you very, very much!"


"My wife Daphne and I really enjoyed your two courses on social media at New York Business Solutions. Not only were the courses terrific, but we also appreciated your energy and enthusiasm, not to mention your sense of humor."

Mark Nusbaum

"Great presentation (Business Planning Basics at NYC Business Solutions Upper Manhattan Center.) You get it–the blood, sweat and tears. Thanks for your masterful instruction via sharing your journey. "

Glen Ross

"I wanted to reach out to you to thank you for the seminar you conducted at Stevens Institute of Technology a couple of years ago. Since that afternoon, I was on a mission to get my profile better. I clearly remember that you said “Get your account to have 500+ connections. I have just gotten a job offer from a company that found me through LinkedIn without me even applying. Before that I had gotten several other offers, some of which came via LinkedIn. Thank you for being instrumental in getting me this position and teaching me how to harness the power of LinkedIn. "

Assaf Kipnis

""Ethan delivered an engaging and insightful webcast on "Creating a Compassionate Culture for a Lasting Competitive Advantage" to our Leadership Academy. His passion and expertise truly shined through as our members provided extremely positive feedback. Ethan was a pleasure to work with, always punctual, and very prepared. We thank him for his time and great presentation!"

Mitchell Roshong - Senior Manager, Educational Projects, IMA

"Ethan Chazin was one of my teachers when I studied abroad at NYU. I always enjoyed attending his course “Organizational Behavior”, because the classes were very interesting and interactive. Ethan is very passionate about teaching and able to create a positive atmosphere within seconds after he enters a room. The productive learning environment in his class really helped me to internalize not only the subject matter but also the great advice he gave us for life. Thank you very much for passing on your extensive expertise! "

Martin Guerstner - Student, NYU Tandon School of Management

"This was a very interactive, engaging, and inspiring class (Leadership for New Managers.) I learned more than I thought I would. It is obvious that you are passionate about learning and teaching. Thank you for sharing your experiences, wisdom, and knowledge with us."

Vivian Fu - Student, NYU School of Professional Studies

"I would strongly recommend this course (Leadership for New Managers) to any young professional, whether or not they are currently in a managerial position. Not only does Professor Chazin cover a wide birth or management styles and considerations, he encourages and enables his students to turn inwards and reflect to determine how best to apply learning to his or her own career. From this class, I took away an improved sense of how I want to develop as a leader, an enhanced perspective on what working conditions / corporate environment best suits me, and a drive to continually self-evaluate how I am progressing and what I want for my career. Not only are some of the lessons applicable to my current management position, they are informative as I look to grow myself personally and professionally through the rest of my career."

Alex Christofferson - Student, NYU School of Professional Studies

"Ethan Chazin was my professor when I took Organizational Behavior class in Fall 2015. Professor Chazin is one of the few great professors among the ones I’ve taken so far because his classes were interesting, interactive and instructive. Also, Professor Chazin always brings up-to-date materials such as Ted Talks videos or important news of the day about business, economy and organizations that leads to discussions in the class. With his deep intellectual knowledge, he plays a key role in the discussions and allows his students take advantage of his knowledge."

Kadir Tosyali - Student, NYU Tandon School of Management

"I recently took the “Leadership for new Managers” course at NYU’s School of Professional Studies that was taught by Ethan Chazin. I wanted to thank you Ethan one more time for the course. It really brought a lot of change in my life, got me inspired from the very beginning! You made me research and work so much harder by digging deeper into things. Your course was EXTREMELY beneficial for me. AND IT WAS FUN! 3 hours would fly by unnoticed every week! Thank you for being passionate at what you do and trying to give us as much knowledge as you can (often by staying through class overtime), for bringing such a positive vibe with your great sense of humor and entertaining presentations that made the information you shared stick O much easier! Thank you as well for giving us homework that encouraged developing new skills and knowledge. I really wish NYU made your course a little longer. I hope to see you teach more courses at NYU-SPS.” "

Volha Parkhats - Fitness Professional, 305 Fitness

"Professor Chazin, thank you so much for your motivation, patience, and your commitment! I am amazed about your different experiences and I love the way you always spoke to our (Marketing Special Topics) class.) I also loved how you told us that we should do what we love and you have given us the chance to be successful in our careers. Your lessons have shown us how marketing can truly have an impact. I learned so much from you and your class on how to succeed working in teams and promoting an organization’s products and services."

Gloria Vergin - Student (exchange-study abroad), Berkeley College

"From the very first (Branding at NYU) class, it was clear that Professor Chazin is very knowledgeable about all aspects of branding and marketing. The class was very informative but pleasantly entertaining and engaging."

Roxanne Dahere - Student, Shake Shack

"I can honestly say that I came out of Ethan’s (Branding at NYU) class with more knowledge about branding and marketing. His fun and knowledgeable way of teaching kept the class engaged. I appreciated the energy he brought to every instance of our relationship."

Felipe Villarreal - Student, NYU Continuing Professional Studies

"Prof. Chazin taught thought-provoking classes that I was able to apply outside the classroom and on projects at work, and enabled me to more clearly observe trends around me. I will use his teaching to come up with new ways of thinking about all we discussed in our (Branding at NYU) class no matter what job I am in or career I pursue. This course was exactly what I needed to feel more confident and finding my voice. Thank you!"

Jenny Miller - Student, E*Trade

"Professor Chazin is a passionate, energizing, and engaging teacher who knows his stuff. He clearly loves what he does, and thoroughly enjoys the classroom environment. I learned so much and can use his teaching in my day-to-day work."

Susan Corcoran - Student, NYU Continuing Professional Studies

"Professor Chazin is a ball of energy! He possesses a passion for educating all his students, on the impact of branding and marketing, as well as creating our professional brand for career success and identifying your ‘WHY!’ Professor Chazin consistently encourages students to take risks and seize opportunities."

Samiat Okoye - NYU Continuing Professional Studies

"This was one of the best classes that I have ever taken! I honestly was interested in this topic (Branding & Marketing for Social Organizations) and Professor Chazin did an awesome job keeping the class engaged. I have raved to my parents and friends how much I have enjoyed this class. There were so many great take-away’s. Thank you, Professor Chazin!"

Ysabel Chavez - UCLA Undergraduate, NYU Continuing Professional Studies

"It was truly a pleasure and a privilege to be in the presence of Ethan Chazin during our class, Branding & Marketing for Social Organizations. He infused the class with his genuine passion, shared personal experiences and taught with an energy that made marketing applicable not only to our careers, but also in life. Much appreciation, and THANK YOU, professor Chazin!"

Windsor Pichitpongchay - NYU Continuing Professional Studies

"Professor Chazin truly loves what he does, and his passion is infectious. His lessons helped me to develop a marketing strategy for my job as well as my personal side business venture. I am so glad that I invested in his class, Branding & Marketing for Social Organizations."

Chrystal Anderson - Educational Testing Service

"This class (Branding & Marketing for Social Organizations) has enabled me to develop the framework necessary to grow my business’s brand image/messaging, as well as provided the structure for my company’s overall mission."

Nick Brown - President & Founder, CMB Realty, LLC

"Professor Chazin’s course (Management & Human Behavior) was highly engaging and interactive. It was one of the best courses in the MBA program at St. Peter’s. Insightful and different than just “textbook” based instruction. Our learning was based on Professor Chazin’s real-life knowledge and strategies on management and how leadership affects the workforce. Prof. Chazin is thoughtful, energetic, ambitious and truly connects with his students."

Sana Zia - Student, Saint Peter’s University

"Thank you, Professor! What a ride! Besides learning the concepts of Management & Human Behavior, your class presentations were enlightening, fun, and made learning easier. You have definitely found your purpose in life. Thanks again!! I’ll NEVER forget this class."

Michelle Nelson - Student, Saint Peter’s University

"As a new manager, I faced many challenges. I needed to make sure I was doing everything in my power to take care of my team’s needs and ensure that work was completed. The class (Leadership for New Managers) was essential in providing me with the tools that I could use. I was able to apply the information provided in the class immediately to my work. I’m extremely happy I took this course and fortunate to have had Ethan as the instructor. Ethan’s style of teaching was the key to truly understanding the course content."

Jose Rivera - Network Security Manager, NYU Langone Health

"This class (Organizational Behavior) made my Business Management minor 100 times more interesting. Professor Chazin’s teaching style, real world examples, in-class activities and personal attention towards each student are some of the many opportunities no one would want to miss out on. As a Mechanical Engineering student not having much exposure to organizational cultures and environments, Professor Chazin’s class has opened many perspectives for me as I plan on graduating next semester and start building my career. Thank you for an awesome class!"

Muhammad Usman Ahsan - Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

"Thank you Professor Chazin for being a great professor and guiding me on the path for a more successful career. Thank you for sharing your experiences and teaching beyond the textbook. I have learned so much more about what true leadership is and how to become a leader."

Yihan Fu - Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

"Professor Chazin is intelligent, open-minded and approachable. Throughout the entire semester, Professor Chazin was always facilitating classroom discussion and welcoming diverse opinions. His assignments were thought-provoking, and he always gave meaningful feedback. The final project in his course taught me a significant amount of how organizations function, both formally and informally. In closing, Professor Chazin made it clear that he loves to give back to his students, and he wishes only the best for them."

Michael Kotlyar - Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

"Organizational Behavior was truly a gem of a class. Not only did it provide insights of textbook concepts through the use of real-world examples, but the class opened my eyes to the realities off Corporate America. Professor Chazin went above & beyond for each and every student through his providing career advising, resume reviews, and helping build powerful online (LinkedIn) profiles. He is one of the few, unique professors that actually cares and contributes to his student’s education, values, and lives. I would strongly recommend any of his classes to those looking for the BEST and to be the happiest in their lives."

Melissa Sajjad - Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

"Professor Chazin not only taught me the power and importance of Organizational Behavior, but he also helped me find and understand what one should look for in an organization they wish to work in. His wide breadth of knowledge in the industry and his understanding of the new trends in regards to the “war on talent” are incredibly beneficial for young and curious students looking to make a dent in the workforce. His use of TED talks as well as follow-up discussions make the class learning experience much more interactive and enjoyable. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have taken Professor Chazin’s Organizational Behavior class and would gladly take the class again if given the chance."

Gabriel LeBland - Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

"Professor Chazin is exceptional. He truly and deeply cares about the students in our (Organizational Behavior) class. He makes the most genuine attempt to give students any and every resource towards her/his future goals. The insight he provides makes anyone feel happy about the choices she/he is questioning. Sensitive, honest, and compassionate are clearly present in his character and translate very well to the students and their betterment in life."

Tamara Jakos - Student, NYU Tandon Shool of Engineering

"Dear Professor Chazin. You were not lying to us when you said on the first day of class that this course (Organizational Behavior) will be the most meaningful and interesting class we will take in our undergrad careers. It sure was. I was struggling a lot in the beginning and I actually thought that I would have to drop the class. But, you motivated me to push myself to the level you knew I was at. That motivation not only helped me do well in OB, but has also reflected in my success in other courses. I am so grateful. I hope that we will keep in contact in the future. As soon as I update my LinkedIn, I will be sure to link with you first. Thank you."

Hai Tran - Student NYU Tandon School of Engineering

"Ethan is a fantastic leader and motivator. His work inspires success and his intelligence empowers the room."

Frank Fiumecaldo - Financial Planner, R.W. Roge & Co.

"Truly enjoyed meeting Professor Chazin when he taught Organizational Behavior. His knowledge is insightful and eye-opening. I have taken his advice and applied it to my work environment, and I can see a difference already. Will keep his contact information on my favorites, a truly great person to know. I already recommended him to my management."

Johanna Marcopolus - Graduate Student, Saint Peter’s University Business School

"I enjoyed this course (Organizational Behavior) and found it to be very useful as a manager and as an employee. You are a great professor who kept a class full of working and tired individuals engaged, and…you made us learn to laugh! It was a great experience being in your class esp. since this was my first class since obtaining my BA back in 2006."

Juliza Gonzalez - Graduate Student, Saint Peter’s University Business School

"Professor Chazin really knows his stuff, and delivers every lesson with captivating aplomb and panache. You can tell that he genuinely enjoys what he does, and his enthusiasm is contagious."

Louis Sullivan - Graduate Student, Saint Peter’s University Business School

"This course has helped in giving me a better understanding of how to be an effective leader. It has empowered me in finding a career that not only focuses on salary but one that has an ethical mission statement that treats individuals like family. I would recommend Professor Chazin to all students, as well as companies who wish to better themselves – learn how to properly lead their company."

Nechard Rajban - Graduate Student, Saint Peter’s University Business School

"I really enjoyed the (Market Research) class. I was greatly inspired. Because of the knowledge and passion for the subject matter of the Professor, I decided to change my Major within my MBA to Marketing. The class taught me how to market “myself” as a BRAND in the job market as well as conduct research. Thank you Professor Chazin for all your teaching and helping me to advance my knowledge."

Karima Jalal - Student, Saint Peter’s University

"Thank you so much for everything. your course (“Branding for Social Organizations”) was very enlightening and you explained the material in a way that was very easy to understand. Not only did I learn a lot about branding in the modern world, but I also gained clarity on what direction I’d like to go in my career."

Kyla Finlayson - Student, Brown University

"I really enjoyed learning about marketing and branding from Prof. Chazin. He takes care to educate with enthusiasm and tailors his lessons to the needs and interests of his class (“Branding for Social Organizations”.) I learned a lot of valuable information for my future goals, but even farther than that. I gained inspiration and creative ideas from being in this course. I am grateful for my time learning from Prof. Chazin and I hope to keep in touch in the future!"

Angela Gizzi - Student, NYU Stern School of Business Alumni Relations

"Hey Professor! I just wanted to send you a message to let you know, in case you ever wondered if you were getting through to your students, that I am now working at Patagonia in New York! Ever since your Organizational Behavior class, I have been quite obsessed with just about everything they do and I got hired there today. In every interview I had, I explained that I learned about the company through your class and how Patagonia was the prime example of what companies should be doing in most cases. I just wanted to give you a huge thanks for everything you taught me. I can honestly say that my passion came from your class and I am grateful to have been in your lecture last fall."

John J. - Student, NYU Tandon School of Management

"Thank you so much for all of the passion, insight and wisdom you provided throughout this course (Leadership for New Managers). I am grateful that I was able to attend. I was engaged for every minute of the 3 hour lectures and could have stayed there for hours longer. I was in awe of your passion and dedication, and your care of your students. Professions Chazin is a very caring and passionate teacher who clearly loves what he does and practices what he preaches. I loved coming to his classes and found him to be very engaging – three hours seemed to fly by in minutes. I would highly recommend reaching out to him if you are interested in Professional and or Personal Development – he is awesome!"

Charlotte Harper - Student NYU Continuing Professional Studies

"Your course (Marketing Strategy) has unsettled my satisfaction with where I am now professionally and in my life. You pushed me to question my next and future career moves to advance my goals. I appreciate how genuine you are to help us strive to progress in our lives. Thank you for being your awesome self!"

Yeimy Fuentes - Student, Winter 2016. Saint Peter’s University

"Professor Chazin is a delightful, caring mentor and a professional adviser who is able to share with you valuable knowledge and provide helpful advice. I learned a lot from him!"

Wenbo Ding - Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

"I appreciate the environment you provided. It really allowed us to be communicative with each other and learn different points of view. Additionally, you always succeeded in keeping our attention with your helpful life advice that came with each chapter’s lesson in class. Your Powerpoints and resources helped me greater to further my understanding of this course (Organizational Behavior). You’re a great professor!"

Kajal Tripathi - Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

"Mr. Chazin is an honorable and well-rounded person that knows his material and has become a very reputable person in my life."

Benjamin Moreno - Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

"The course (Organizational Behavior) was very enjoyable and helpful. I really want to thank you for your effort over the past four months. The lessons you gave widened my vision and knowledge to understand the organization. Your enthusiasm and energy was so impressive that I was often captivated to your speaking. I believe that your speaking skills and energy can strongly attract the audience and your clients."

Munsu Lee - Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

"thank you so much for this semester. You did not just teach me about Organizational behavior, you helped me to learn about myself and what I truly want to pursue in my future. You teach so much that goes beyond the classroom and I am forever thankful. Every day of class you fought for us and our futures by pleading us to go into roles/jobs that make us truly happy. You are fighting a battle so few people fight and I thank you for that."

John Johannot - Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

"The things I learned in Organizational Behavior this year dispelled a lot of myths I believed to be true within organizations. Professor Chazin offered a ton of real-life work experiences, and because of that I feel so much more confident with what I want to seek out in an occupation, and how I should go about securing it."

Alec Horvath - Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

"I enjoyed that this class (Organizational Behavior) was not just about the textbook o tests. This class taught me about values, virtues, what really matters in life, what I care about in my future. It made me think about my values and my characteristics that make me who I am. From now on, I can confidently say that before doing anything, I will first see if it matches my values and if I want to do it. Thank you, Professor Chazin!"

Sera Alkan - Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

"From the moment you walk into Professor Chazin’s classroom, you receive the utmost respect and a sense of feeling that the professor genuinely cares for your well-being. It was a privilege to have taken this class (Organizational behavior) taught by Professor Chazin."

Nimish Sutaria - Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

"I felt really lucky to have taken this course (Organizational Behavior.) I found it really useful and helpful, as it has provided many insights that will affect my future career choices. This course taught me that job satisfaction is more important than the compensation it offers, that the workforce around the world has become really mechanized and lifeless and that it should be our (Millennial) generation’s goal to create a more creative and engaged workforce with the leadership skills and values we will offer others that will come after us."

Michael Adut - Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

"Professor Chazin proved masterful knowledge of the course (Organizational Behavior) material, while at the same time remaining sincere with the students. In doing so, I felt motivated and engaged throughout the course and was driven to succeed."

Daniel Oh - Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

"To be completely honest, this course was one of my most enjoyable this semester and even during my college career. The structure of this class is what makes it great and enjoyable. Great conversations held in class and laughs shared. Please continue to teach and inspire others because for people and students alike, many do not understand the importance of being happy and satisfied with what you do. Hope that you have the best of luck and if you don’t return to NYU, I would love to be able to contact you if I ever feel the need for inspiration or even a dose of reality. Thanks again for the semester."

Jesse Lei - Student NYU Tandon School of Engineering

"Ethan Chazin is a man that you could wait your entire life for and be fulfilled within a minute of talking to him. His entire demeanor and ecstatic personality immediately engages and captivates all in the audience. He motivates by example. His approach to life and its problems is truly inspiring. Should you ever encounter the man, even in passing, consider yourself blessed."

Alice Chu - Student NYU Tandon School of Engineering

"I love Professor Chazin’s (Integrated Marketing Communications) class because his positive and supporting energy make the class memorable. He knows how to teach. It was an effective class for me. I enjoyed every single minute of learning in the class. Thank you, Professor for being amazing. PS: I don’t know why but whenever I leave your class I feel confident, and will miss it."

Nisa Demirpolat - Student, Baruch College

"I wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk with me. It was a very helpful conversation and a pleasure to hear from your extensive experience. I have had many mentors in the past, but none have been nearly as insightful as you when it comes to dealing with teams of people. I very much admire your passion for teaching and helping us students as we pursue our goals."

Artin Perse - Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

"Consumer Behavior is key to achieving a successful marketing strategy. Your course helped me to understand this topic, so that I will be able to use it in my future career. Besides teaching very interesting subject matter, you always managed to do it in a funny, entertaining and interactive way. your energy and “joie de vivre” will be missed! It was a pleasure sharing these moments during the semester with you!"

Charlotte Esteve - Student, ISEG, Baruch College

"Thank you for your energy, enthusiasm, and dedication. You always made the effort to make the (International Consumer Behavior) course interesting, interactive, and motivating. I really felt you were here for us, you always answered email very quickly, and adapted to our needs. There are not a lot of instructors like you, so I am glad that I had the opportunity to have you as my professor."

Emilie Raillard - Student, ISEG, Baruch College

"The course (International Consumer Behavior) was interesting and I learned so much about global consumer behavior. The dynamic between ideas and class presentation was good. I also enjoyed the course because our professor (Ethan Chazin) was very passionate about the subject and about teaching."

Florian Henry - Student, ISEG, Baruch College

"You put so much energy and commitment into your work and your class (Consumer Behavior) presentations, that it actually turned lectures into a meaningful experience for me."

Antonin Coulon - Student, ISEG, Baruch College

"Mr. Chazin was able to motivate a class of 40 French (ISEG business) students by presenting a large number of real-life examples to cover the theory we learned in our (Consumer Behavior) class. The course was interesting, and I highly recommend this class and Mr. Chazin."

William Boulila - Student, ISEG, Baruch College

"Professor Chazin helps us see branding from a whole new point of view. His teaching will be beneficial for my professional future in corporate branding and brand management. He is a wonderful professor, full of life and funny and he got our (Branding Management) class really involved."

Lea Benkemoun - Student, ISEG, Baruch College

"Mr. Chazin has a fresh and relevant marketing vision. His (Brand Management) class was interactive and helped me in my professional growth. He gave me the opportunity to enhance my public speaking skills in his class. #YouRock!"

Thibault Laurent - Student, ISEG, Baruch College

"Ethan Chazin is a great professor who puts a lot of heart into his work. He is truly passionate about branding and has a great knowledge about it and transmits it well. It was a pleasure to have you as my professor for Brand Management. "

Margot Blom - Student, ISEG, Baruch College

"Professor Chazin, I just wanted to thank you for the experience on this semester’s (Marketing Management) class. I truly found all the material and the way you presented/taught the class to be very informative. Not many professors actually *present* the material like you did and I guess this is the reason why I found the class to be more interesting than others. The material you gave us in regards to aligning one’s marketing strategy with business strategy makes owning a business sound so easy. I feel like starting my own business right now with the slides we’ve been given. Your energy and commitment are rare compared to other professors I’ve had and I truly appreciate it. I hope to see you soon in another class going forward. Thank you."

Sebastian Parco - Student, Saint Peter’s University

"This course (International Consumer Behavior) was very interesting. The different topics we discussed helped me to better understand differences in culture across societies. Professor Chazin is very enthusiastic and his way of teaching enhances interest in the course."

Eric Heimburger - Student, Baruch College, ISEG

"Professor Chazin’s course (International Consumer Behavior) was really dynamic, and enjoying. It’s important to learn with someone who demonstrates happiness and a real authority. Class presentations were really interesting, and I learned a lot from this course."

Alexandre Ionnides - Student, Baruch College, ISEG

"The course (International Consumer Behavior) covered many interesting topics and provided great ways to learn. Great recognition to Professor Ethan Chazin’s character and personality. He was always happy and shared his good mood with the students."

Francois Puymartin - Student, Baruch College, ISEG

""Professor Chazin was personable, knowledgeable, and engaging. He allowed us to speak very specifically about our own experiences and challenges, which provided an environment where the whole class (Leadership for New Managers) engaged in meaningful discussion and explore solutions. I felt challenged and am confident that I have become a much more effective leader as a result of taking this course." "

Gabriella Vishnevskaya - Student, NYU School of Professional Studies

"If you are truly interested in changing your mindset on how to manage your life, this (Time Management) class is for you. Ethan did a great job of pointing out challenges to time efficiency and how to resolve those issues."

Ed Markey - Director of IT, Belmar, NJ

"Ethan delivered an engaging, provocative, introspective training session (Remaining Ethical in Morally Challenging Times) in which he discussed universal principles."

Gail Becker - Professor in Chemical Engineering, Middlesex County, NJ Community College

"Ethan Chazin (Remaining Ethical in Morally Challenging Times) is energetic, eager, excited, lively, witty, amusing, determined, bright, confident, sparkling, vivid, methodical, maniacal, practical, serious, tactful, tough, zany, youthful, capable, keen, quick, and…ACCOMPLISHED!"

Jeffrey Smith - CPWM, CRP, CGT Supervisor, Holmdel, NJ Office of Public Works

"Ethan was wonderful, he hit all the marks on what I was looking for in the “Effective Team-Building” training for my staff. He is engaging and thought provoking, and masterful at eliciting participation. It was clear that he invested time and effort into providing the team with training that pertained to them. He was on time, had a well-planned agenda and presentation. I can’t think of anything I would change about his training."

Rosemary Jones

"For the past several years, Ethan has taught programs in workplace ethics and time management to audiences ranging from public works personnel to utility managers and self-employed entrepreneurs. The evaluations for each and every program have shown him to be a popular and effective instructor. He always finds a way to link the classroom material to the real world and takes care to demonstrate why it is important to learn and understand what is being presented. His combination of energy, humor and informality genuinely makes learning fun – something that is not always easy to accomplish with adult learners! With the heart and soul of a lifelong learner and a lifelong teacher, Ethan truly wants folks to learn and grow from his presentations."

Carol Broccoli - Office of Continuing Professional Education, Rutgers University

"Ethan was an amazing instructor that was able to take really dry subject (Professionalism) and transform it into a lively attention-grabbing program that did not feel like four hours in a classroom. Thank you!!"

Jonathan Capitelli - Emergency Medical Service, Jersey City Medical Center

"The strategies and approach you shared helped guide my overall understanding of true professionalism and how to apply them towards helping me to maximize my full potential in the future. Thank you for being passionate about what you teach. October 12, 2016."

Suzane Thomas - Jersey City Medical Center

"I enjoyed your presentation on Professionalism. It was eye-opening. It change my perspective on a lot of things. I would definitely recommend it for my co-workers. I can apply what I learned in my work and personal life. Thank you. - October 12, 2016"

Milagros Rivera - Counseling & Testing, Greenville Site, Jersey City Medical Ctr.

"Your enthusiasm kept us on the edge of our seats! (Remaining Ethical in a Morally Compromised World, Sept. 30, 2016.) "

Mike Candarella - President, Dept. of Public Works, South Orange, NJ

"Ethan was great. He presented effectively on a topic (“Remaining Ethical in a Morally Compromised World”) that is so, SO important! Thank you! Ethan, I found vour presentation (“Being Ethical in a Morally Compromised World) highly informative and enthusiastic. You enforced principles which I believe in, while introducing new information. I feel I will be better able to perform my daily job in interacting with my employees and the public, because of your course. I certainly would recommend you to my peers and will keep an eye out for more of your offerings."

Kyle Nelson - President, Dept. of Public Works, City of Orange Township

"I enjoyed the (Emotional Intelligence) presentation and Ethan is a passionate speaker. He combined just the right amount of humor and personal experience."

Kim - Matheny Medical Center

"Thank you for a comprehensive review of Emotional Intelligence and its importance in the workplace."

Gary Eddey MD - Matheny Medical Center

"On behalf of The Queens Fellowship, I want to sincerely thank you for your lively and effective presentation on Public Speaking and Elevator Pitches at Tuesday’s seminar. It was a tremendous opportunity for the Fellows to hear from you as they begin crafting their messages to further their work and organization’s missions across the borough of Queens and your presentation provided a fantastic framework for the Fellows to start on this journey. In their evaluations of the day, the Fellows mentioned how they thought your presentation to be very engaging, constructive and provided clear-cut instruction on a subject that is difficult for many. They also appreciated your critiques and will integrate those suggestions into their future pitches. We greatly appreciate the time and energy you spent on Tuesday’s meeting!"

Hannah Weinerman

"Ethan Chazin of The Chazin Group is so thorough! He has years of experience and walks you through each step necessary to take your business to the next level!"

Sequina DuBose - Entrepreneur, ArtsCentric LLC

"Ethan, this is way more than I expected. I totally relate to everything you say. Everything you teach (Mastering Marketing) is extremely up-to-date. Keep it up!"

Cristian - Entrepreneur

"Great course/lecture (Mastering Marketing.) Refreshing and inspiring personality with great and useful insight. Thank you, Ethan!"

Maria Emilia Arriagada - Entrepreneur

"Great overview of marketing (Mastering Marketing) for entrepreneurs. Ethan made it fun and interesting. I could easily have listened for hours more."

Great overview of marketing (Mastering Marketing) for entrepreneurs. Ethan made it fun and interesting. I could easily have listened for hours more.” Juan Romero Entrepreneur - Entrepreneur

"I took this course (Mastering Marketing) to get ideas to promote my home care business. This course was great. Ethan was engaging, and the class was interactive. I learned so much information in a short time. I would highly recommend Ethan to any organization looking for his expertise."

Michelle Moore - Entrepreneur

"Ethan is engaging and experienced and not afraid to tell it like it is. His overview on “Mastering Marketing” was jam-packed with great suggestions, ideas, and things to look out for as you build your business."

Eden Pontz - Entrepreneur, Eden Creations

"Great time management presentation (Don’t Manage Time; OWN It!) with many ideas that I eagerly plan on implementing. I appreciated the different perspectives on things we normally accept and do not question."

Juan Rengifo - Branch Manager PNC Bank

"This was a great program (Sales Techniques for Career Centers) from start to finish. It was tailor made for Career Centers and focused on key recruitment and sales strategies for a rapidly changing market place. Many thanks to The Chazin Group for understanding the recruiting practices and needs of the field, and for designing sales programs that are comprehensive and practical."

Dr. Jennifer Jones - Director, Career Development, NJCU

"Ethan, you’re a great instructor. You have the ability to transmit information which increases knowledge of the business world. In my opinion he was one of the best speakers so far. "

Various WIBO Students

"Ethan Chazin, was by far, the best speaker we’ve had. He distinguished himself by arriving early, taking notes to acquaint himself with the students. He handed out an impressive resume, then supplemented that during discussion. He showed sincere interest and empathy towards all students. He used humility and humor to get his points across. In fact, Mr. Chazin represents what I thought the typical WIBO teacher would be. While his experience concentrates on selling B2B, and much of what he shared may not apply to my retail business, he has to be given the highest grade. He went the extra mile and showed initiative. The discussion leader was very animated!! Good Thing!!! He kept us engaged. I like the way he remembered our names and businesses and incorporated us in his presentation! Excellent!! I thought I knew what I was doing (starting a business) but when I attended your Entrepreneurship talk, you took me through the entire process and I felt reborn. Thank you very much! You are a business messiah. Ethan really facilitated my understanding of the importance of passion and personal philosophy in creating a successful business. Very inspiring! I have always admired you since you did a professional marketing workshop at Grove City College in PA. What you are doing to help others is amazing. I enjoy articles and learn so much. Thank you for sharing what you already know with the masses! Blessings!"

Judy - Seton Hill University

"Ethan Chazin represents a unique breed of educators that provide both an informative education and a wealth of knowledge on career coaching. His personable and friendly nature make him easy to go to for both school purposes and real world advice. His lessons included personal branding, designing the customer interface, and the effects internet has on pricing, amongst others. I highly recommend Ethan Chazin as a professor and a mentor. Anyone that is passionate about learning or looking for career advice should definitely reach out to him."

Marco Carreon - Baruch College

""Ethan delivered an engaging and insightful webcast on "Creating a Compassionate Culture for a Lasting Competitive Advantage" to our Leadership Academy. His passion and expertise truly shined through as our members provided extremely positive feedback. Ethan was a pleasure to work with, always punctual, and very prepared. We thank him for his time and great presentation!"

Mitchell Roshong - Senior Manager, Educational Projects, IMA

""Ethan’s leadership training was engaging and informative. He offered strategies that can help our agency improve teamwork, employee morale, and communication. Ethan was very knowledgeable and provided participants with resources on conflict resolution, coaching, leadership styles, delegating work, and understanding the aspects of different generations in the workforce. Discussions throughout the training about differences between a supervisor/manager and a leader were very impactful for the group. We look forward to having Ethan provide additional training for the agency.""

Scott Whalen, HR Director - Community Action Programs, Cayuga/Seneca, NY

"“I really appreciated Ethan for preparing and adjusting topics discussed to benefit his audience more. Ethan genuinely wants to help other succeed not only in their next job but for their entire careers. Ethan shared what works for him as well as what others with demanding positions do to be successful. Ethan helped me think critically about the topics discussed and what kind of companies I would want to be looking for to work at. While sharing his expertise of 30 years on these topics, he engaged with his audience well and made the learning experience more interactive and fun.""

Steven Ha - IT Consultant