Business Breakthrough Roundtable

  • Would you like to triple the leads you generate every month?
  • Are you interested in doubling your sales in the next 60-90 days?
  • How would you like to generate $25k+ in additional revenues over the next few months?
    Having spent a decade coaching clients, I have cultivated business breakthrough strategies that consistently generate these dramatic increases in leads, sales, and revenues for entrepreneurs, start-up’s, small business owners, and established companies.

    Join me for my (FREE) one day business breakthrough roundtable.

    DATE: Tuesday, July 6 | TIME: 7:30-9:30AM EST

    Join me if you are interested in learning these strategies as I take an intimate group of business owners to an entirely new level of peak performance.

    During this intensive strategic planning session I work with business breakthrough professionals to help them:

  • Refocus their 2021 strategic plan;

  • Craft a clear and concise ideal client profile/avatar (see template below);
  • Fill your sales pipeline with VIP ‘brand ambassadors’ (NOT LEADS); and
  • Write a compelling personal brand that sings their Unique Value Proposition.

    Why am I offering these tremendous insights FOR FREE!

    Every time I host one of these events, I gain invaluable insights into businesses that enable me to expand my knowledge base.

    These programs enable me to become more adept at helping other folks drive their businesses forward in times of global pandemic and challenging business climates with economic uncertainty.
    Space is limited to no more than 15 business break-through professionals!

    Contact Ethan to enroll today.