Business Breakthrough Roundtable

  • Would you like to triple the leads you generate every month?
  • Are you interested in doubling your sales in the next 60-90 days?
  • How would you like to generate $25k+ in additional revenues over the next few months?
    Having spent a decade coaching clients, I have cultivated business breakthrough strategies that consistently generate these dramatic increases in leads, sales, and revenues for entrepreneurs, start-up’s, small business owners, and established companies.

    Join me for my (FREE) one day business breakthrough roundtable.

    DATE: Tuesday, September 7th | TIME: 7:30-9:30AM EST

    Join me if you are interested in learning these strategies as I take an intimate group of business owners to an entirely new level of peak performance.

    During this intensive strategic planning session I work with business breakthrough professionals to help them:

  • Refocus their 2021 strategic plan;

  • Craft a clear and concise ideal client profile/avatar (see template below);
  • Fill your sales pipeline with VIP ‘brand ambassadors’ (NOT LEADS); and
  • Write a compelling personal brand that sings their Unique Value Proposition.

    Contact Ethan to enroll today.