Chazin-the-Dream Podcast

Join Ethan as he interviews executives and business owners at organizations that have built powerfully compassionate, employee-driven workplace cultures that engage, reward, recognize, motivate, and empower their people.

During these lively discussions about the future of workplace cultures, we will cover the following:

  • Culture: what it is/isn’t, how to build and maintain a world-class culture.
  • Employee engagement; worker autonomy.
  • Self-directed/managed teams, teamwork & collaboration.
  • Employee / talent acquisition, management, retention best practices.
  • Workforce performance, productivity, and profitability.
  • How to quantify employee ROI.
  • Unleash employee untapped potential for lasting competitive advantage.

Links to podcast videos:

  1. Who is Ethan
  2. Ethan’s Journey
  3. The Power of Culture

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Season 1, Episode 1. Adam Rabinovich, Executive Director, COPE.  How one navigates a career spent in the non-profit world, and a reflection on personal values that impacts choices in organizations that serve communities.

Season 1, Episode 2. Phil Maffei, Founder of the fractional CFO firm  Sustain-a-Business shares the formative experiences in his career and what led him to go out on his own.

Season 1, Episode 3. Seth Romanick. Partner, Romanick & Skolnick PLLC . December 4, 2023.

Seth joins the show to share his experiences navigating a career in the legal profession, and the lessons he learned about treating employees and clients with respect that he applies in growing one of NY’s top Real Estate firms.

Season 1, Episode 4. Kirstan Cecil, President KC Business Growth Consultancy. December 4, 2023.

Kirstan shares what led her to go out on her own as a fractional Chief Marketing Officer after a career spent in various organizations.

Season 1, Episode 5. Thomas Herdtner, VP of Human Resources. Chewy.

Season 1, Episode 6. Stephen Trimboli. Trimboli & Prusinowski, LLC. December 12, 2023.

Steve discusses the tension between what we should be doing with regard to employment/labor law, and the impacts of decisions reached and case law.

Season 1, Episode 7. Meg Schmitz, Senior Franchising Consultant with FranChoice .

December 27, 2023.  Meg shares her insights on franchising as an appealing, viable, and lucrative career path for career transitioners seeking greater control over their earing potential. Why franchising makes such an appealing escape from Corporate America and the indentured servitude of a paycheck.

Season 1, Episode 8. Andrea Pass, PR Consultant, Andrea Pass Public Relations joins the program to share her unique perspective on a career spent in story-telling for her clients.

Season 1, Episode 9.  Ben Indiviglia, Real Estate Broker, Douglas Edelman. January 10, 2024.

Season 1, Episode 10.  Clay Hicks, Founder, H7 Network. January 15, 2024.

Season 1, Episode 11Marc Roberts, Managing Director, My HR Department. January 16, 2024.

Season 1, Episode 12Juan Vides, Founder, Winning-on-Wednesday. January 30, 2024.

Season 1, Episode 13Jonathan Rosen, Founder, Collaberex, LLC. February 5, 2024.

Season 1, Episode 14.  John Tarnoff, Career Transition Coach. February 15, 2024.

Season 1, Episode 15.  Shana Francesca, Founder, Concinnate. February 20, 2024.

Season 1, Episode 16.  Robb Costomiris , President, MIOYM Equities. March 8, 2024.

Season 1, Episode 17. Alexander Kjerulf, Founder, Woohoo, Inc.  March 13, 2024.

Season 1, Episode 18. Aoife O’Brien , Host, Happier at Work podcast. March 14, 2024.