Business Bootcamp 2024

Kickstart Your Biz Growth With My FREE People Strategy Webinar.

Do you feel like you’re constantly putting out fires, spinning wheels? Not sure what priorities to focus on next?

Sure you’re keeping busy but perhaps not achieving the progress you need?

Want to get your Leadership team back on track?

It’s time to kickstart your growth in Q3 by focusing on your PEOPLE!

Join me for the first in my 6-part webinar series entitled “UNSTICK YOUR BUSINESS”. I will share my proprietary approach to developing a formal PEOPLE strategy dedicated to the proposition that your people are your ONLY lasting competitive advantage.

When: Thursday, Aug. 1st | 1:00-1:45pm EST.

TITLE: Build a strong reputational brand to attract, recruit, and retain TOP talent.

OVERVIEW: We will discuss the importance of living your core principles and having a code of conduct to build a powerful reputational brand. Learn why living your vision, mission, and values will help you find, hire, grow, and retain TOP talent. As an added plus, I’ll shed insight into what does and doesn’t motivate Millennials and Gen Z employees.

Contact me directly to reserve your spot. Feel free to share this with anyone you know who would benefit from attending.

Session Topic Date
Session 1 Build a strong reputational brand (established culture) to attract, recruit, retain TOP talent. Aug. 1
Session 2 Measure your people investment strategy. How to quantify your employee Return on Investment. Sept. 5
Session 3 Get back to growth mode – rekindle your strategic focus.  Oct. 3
Session 4 Learn to effectively evaluate, measure, impact, and change your people’s performance. Focus on the outputs of your people’s work. Focus on Work Outputs. We explore the employee performance and productivity 6 Box framework. Nov. 7
Session 5 Develop a viable client acquisition and retention strategy. Overhaul your prospecting  > lead generation > client acquisition > client retention Customer Lifetime Value process. Dec. 5
Session 6 Create a formal succession plan to get the right people in the right roles right now. Ensure your future success by leveraging your Leadership Team to adapt to market changes, deal with uncertainty, face threats and seize opportunities. Jan. 2