Covid Biz Survival Boot Camp

As the many challenges you faced and continue to encounter dealing with covid-19 and the global pandemic recede in the rearview mirror, are you left unsure how to plot a course forward for future success in running your business?
Are you struggling to grow your business by maximizing the value in your relationships with your clients?
Are you unsure how to find, recruit, hire, engage, and motivate your employees so they remain committed to you and being productive by performing at a high level?
If the answer to any of these questions is a resounding YES, despair not!
I am excited to announce that I will be conducting a three-day intensive boot camp to help you move forward with your business.  We will “meet” virtually for three straight days from Monday, July 19 – Wednesday July 21st 8:00-8:45AM EST

DAY 1: Maximize Your Client Relationships

  • Understand the three categories of client in your rolodex (Mercenaries, Loyalists, VIP Brand Ambassadors).
  • Cultivate client ambassadors and build a client VIP pipeline (not a Sales pipeline).
  • Apply Net Promoter Scores to generate valuable client referrals.
  • Take a (customer lifetime) journey together.
    DAY 2: Unleash Your Inner Transformational Leader

  • Your Leadership Style: we begin with the Bolton styles at work assessment. Identify your dominant style of relationship engagement as an Analytical, Driver, Expressive or Amiable. We discuss characteristics of each and how others see you in extremely stressful situations like you face right now growing your business post-pandemic. Understand how and why you work effectively with some people yet struggle with others.
  • Are you a Manager or Leader? Management is detrimental to relationship cultivation and building trust. It’s all about “control.” Leadership is about providing a vision, setting a framework of ethical behavior expectations and supporting your people.
  • All great leaders are TEACHERS: we explore the value of providing your direct reports with autonomy, engagement, and empowerment. Do you teach or tell?

    DAY 3: Apply Emotional Intelligence to Enhance Your Relationships

  • Understand the 4-step EI process: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Social Management.
    Embrace Empathy.

  • Apply EI to develop highly engaged and productive “mutually beneficial” relationships with your employees, clients, suppliers, vendors, the media…ALL of your stakeholders.

    Enroll today. Space is limited to ensure all participants are thoroughly ENGAGED.