Workforce Development: Human Capital Audit

Your People Are NOT Assets

Your employees are your organization’s one true way of gaining and maintaining lasting and meaningful competitive advantage.

YOUR CHALLENGE…how do you know you have the right people on-board, in the right positions, doing work they are most capable of and most passionate about?  You hired your employees to fill job vacancies, and as such recruited people who possessed a specific set of skills, background and qualifications to do a very specific and narrowly defined job. Right? After all, that is what a Job Description is, after all.


How are you leveraging ALL of your people’s skills, education, training, certifications, etc. to empower them? Are you giving them the control they so desperately want (and need) over how they do their work, when they do it, where they do it, and who they team up with to get work done?


By partnering with our clients to really understand their business challenges, we are able to develop workforce solutions specific to their workforce after we conduct a human capital audit. This enables us to identify the SPECIFIC skills each of their employees possess that are NOT being utilized.  We then work with them to re-architect their employee’s work, maximize their potential, thus launching their employees’ productivity. This helps our clients to maximize their employee retention, satisfaction, empowerment, and engagement.


How We Help Our Clients

  • Match employee core competencies with their job requirements to unleash everyone’s untapped potential. We map out the expertise they possess, merge it with their passions, then re-architect their roles in order to unleash all that untapped potential;
  • Build an intellectual property portfolio for our clients comprised of: copyrights, patents, and trademarks;
  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s key proprietary systems and processes and how these provide you with a key operational (and thus competitive) advantage in your markets;
  • Create an internal Start Up Venture “Intrapreneurship” program to fund/support employee ideas for new product/service offerings that help drive new revenue streams, distribution channels, and access to new markets.
  • Rather than have your top talent leave to start their own business ventures they can fund their employees start ups internally and take advantage of their entrepreneurial spirit.
    We help our clients achieve these transformational productivity gains WITH FLARE!

    Our Flare Human Capital Platform

    Our Human Capital Audit suite of Workforce Solutions is called…FLARE!


    Flare enables your Managers to see each of their employee’s responsibilities that are part of their job, and also identify their people’s MANY competencies that are NOT being used in their job.

    By rethinking each of your people’s many skills, education, training, abilities, certifications…everything they possess…you and your organization will be in a much stronger position to re-architect their jobs to take advantage of these critical yet under-utilized abilities.

    This is truly the most powerful way for you and your organization to successful transform itself in these unparalleled times. Unleashing your employees’ collective untapped potential will enable you to significantly increase your entire workforce’s performance and productivity. And as a result, you will be able to optimize your profitability!

    Let me know if you want to jump on a 30-minute demo so I can walk you through all that this human capital audit can do for your organization. Or, share this information with the appropriate person in your organization that would benefit from receiving a free demo.
    Given all the uncertainty and risk your organization will face in 2021, now is the PERFECT time to maximize the contributions from all of your employees by factoring in their unused passions, skills, prior experience, certifications, education, and training.

    Leverage our Human Capital audit Flare® application to unleash EVERYTHING your people can deliver that are not currently part of their job description.

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