My Manifesto for Organizational Transformation


I spent the first 20 years of my career in marketing roles, leading organizations in their efforts to build reputational brands, and promote often false narratives about their visions, missions, and core values as aspirational (false) cultures.

In this the second half of my career I’ve spent the last 14 years coaching organizations how to build transformational workplaces and amazing cultures based on unleashing their people’s untapped potential for lasting competi5tive advantage.

It is this seeming dichotomy in the two halves of my career that leads me to the following conclusion:

Many organizations choose willingly to mislead their stakeholders into believing their vision, mission, values, and actions are based on caring and empathy rather than actually undergoing the difficult process of transforming by applying demonstrated ethical values and a moral compass.

They are driven by shareholder value and maximizing profits using self-promotion and subscribing to fake measures like DE&I, work-life balance, and corporate social responsibility rather than transformation to a singular dedication to their people.

They give lip service to such valued terms as employee autonomy, engagement, empowerment, and operate in an outdated 20th Century (heck DEAD) mindset of thinking about and treating their people like they are merely payroll, an expense to be managed.

It has become my singular mission to help those organizations who wish to transform create a powerful, equitable pro-employee culture with a meaningful employee-employer contract.

I’ve taught in ten colleges and Universities to influence hundreds of my students.  I have presented to and worked with thousands of job seekers at every stage of their careers, and spoken to tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives about what organization transformation looks like and requires.

I’ve even written a book dedicated to culture transformation (The Compassionate Organization).

To those that share these values.  Join me on my journey.  Connect with me!  You can check out my talks and presentations where I hammer home this need for organizational transformation on my YouTube.  Let’s get there together!