Johanna Marcopolus

Truly enjoyed meeting Professor Chazin when he taught Organizational Behavior. His knowledge is insightful and eye-opening. I have taken his advice and applied it to my work environment, and I can see a difference already. Will keep his contact information on my favorites, a truly great person to know. I already recommended him to my management.

Frank Fiumecaldo

Ethan is a fantastic leader and motivator. His work inspires success and his intelligence empowers the room.

Hai Tran

Dear Professor Chazin. You were not lying to us when you said on the first day of class that this course (Organizational Behavior) will be the most meaningful and interesting class we will take in our undergrad careers. It sure was. I was struggling a lot in the beginning and I actually thought that I would have to drop the class. But, you motivated me to push myself to the level you knew I was at. That motivation not only helped me do well in OB, but has also reflected in my success in other courses. I am so grateful. I hope that we will keep in contact in the future. As soon as I update my LinkedIn, I will be sure to link with you first. Thank you.

Tamara Jakos

Professor Chazin is exceptional. He truly and deeply cares about the students in our (Organizational Behavior) class. He makes the most genuine attempt to give students any and every resource towards her/his future goals. The insight he provides makes anyone feel happy about the choices she/he is questioning. Sensitive, honest, and compassionate are clearly present in his character and translate very well to the students and their betterment in life.

Gabriel LeBland

Professor Chazin not only taught me the power and importance of Organizational Behavior, but he also helped me find and understand what one should look for in an organization they wish to work in. His wide breadth of knowledge in the industry and his understanding of the new trends in regards to the “war on talent” are incredibly beneficial for young and curious students looking to make a dent in the workforce. His use of TED talks as well as follow-up discussions make the class learning experience much more interactive and enjoyable. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have taken Professor Chazin’s Organizational Behavior class and would gladly take the class again if given the chance.

Melissa Sajjad

Organizational Behavior was truly a gem of a class. Not only did it provide insights of textbook concepts through the use of real-world examples, but the class opened my eyes to the realities off Corporate America. Professor Chazin went above & beyond for each and every student through his providing career advising, resume reviews, and helping build powerful online (LinkedIn) profiles. He is one of the few, unique professors that actually cares and contributes to his student’s education, values, and lives. I would strongly recommend any of his classes to those looking for the BEST and to be the happiest in their lives.