Angela Gizzi

I really enjoyed learning about marketing and branding from Prof. Chazin. He takes care to educate with enthusiasm and tailors his lessons to the needs and interests of his class (“Branding for Social Organizations”.) I learned a lot of valuable information for my future goals, but even farther than that. I gained inspiration and creative ideas from being in this course. I am grateful for my time learning from Prof. Chazin and I hope to keep in touch in the future!

Kyla Finlayson

Thank you so much for everything. your course (“Branding for Social Organizations”) was very enlightening and you explained the material in a way that was very easy to understand. Not only did I learn a lot about branding in the modern world, but I also gained clarity on what direction I’d like to go in my career.

Karima Jalal

I really enjoyed the (Market Research) class. I was greatly inspired. Because of the knowledge and passion for the subject matter of the Professor, I decided to change my Major within my MBA to Marketing. The class taught me how to market “myself” as a BRAND in the job market as well as conduct research. Thank you Professor Chazin for all your teaching and helping me to advance my knowledge.

Nechard Rajban

This course has helped in giving me a better understanding of how to be an effective leader. It has empowered me in finding a career that not only focuses on salary but one that has an ethical mission statement that treats individuals like family.

I would recommend Professor Chazin to all students, as well as companies who wish to better themselves – learn how to properly lead their company.

Louis Sullivan

Professor Chazin really knows his stuff, and delivers every lesson with captivating aplomb and panache. You can tell that he genuinely enjoys what he does, and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Juliza Gonzalez

I enjoyed this course (Organizational Behavior) and found it to be very useful as a manager and as an employee. You are a great professor who kept a class full of working and tired individuals engaged, and…you made us learn to laugh! It was a great experience being in your class esp. since this was my first class since obtaining my BA back in 2006.