Benjamin Moreno

Mr. Chazin is an honorable and well-rounded person that knows his material and has become a very reputable person in my life.

Kajal Tripathi

I appreciate the environment you provided. It really allowed us to be communicative with each other and learn different points of view. Additionally, you always succeeded in keeping our attention with your helpful life advice that came with each chapter’s lesson in class. Your Powerpoints and resources helped me greater to further my understanding of this course (Organizational Behavior). You’re a great professor!

Wenbo Ding

Professor Chazin is a delightful, caring mentor and a professional adviser who is able to share with you valuable knowledge and provide helpful advice. I learned a lot from him!

Yeimy Fuentes

Your course (Marketing Strategy) has unsettled my satisfaction with where I am now professionally and in my life. You pushed me to question my next and future career moves to advance my goals. I appreciate how genuine you are to help us strive to progress in our lives. Thank you for being your awesome self!

Charlotte Harper

Thank you so much for all of the passion, insight and wisdom you provided throughout this course (Leadership for New Managers). I am grateful that I was able to attend. I was engaged for every minute of the 3 hour lectures and could have stayed there for hours longer. I was in awe of your passion and dedication, and your care of your students. Professions Chazin is a very caring and passionate teacher who clearly loves what he does and practices what he preaches. I loved coming to his classes and found him to be very engaging – three hours seemed to fly by in
minutes. I would highly recommend reaching out to him if you are interested in Professional and or Personal Development – he is awesome!

John J.

Hey Professor! I just wanted to send you a message to let you know, in case you ever wondered if you were getting through to your students, that I am now working at Patagonia in New York! Ever since your Organizational Behavior class, I have been quite obsessed with just about everything they do and I got hired there today. In every interview I had, I explained that I learned about the company through your class and how Patagonia was the prime example of what companies should be doing in most cases. I just wanted to give you a huge thanks for everything you taught me. I can honestly say that my passion came from your class and I am grateful to have been in your lecture last fall.