Michael Adut

I felt really lucky to have taken this course (Organizational Behavior.) I found it really useful and helpful, as it has provided many insights that will affect my future career choices. This course taught me that job satisfaction is more important than the compensation it offers, that the workforce around the world has become really mechanized and lifeless and that it should be our (Millennial) generation’s goal to create a more creative and engaged workforce with the leadership skills and values we will offer others that will come after us.

Nimish Sutaria

From the moment you walk into Professor Chazin’s classroom, you receive the utmost respect and a sense of feeling that the professor genuinely cares for your well-being. It was a privilege to have taken this class (Organizational behavior) taught by Professor Chazin.

Sera Alkan

I enjoyed that this class (Organizational Behavior) was not just about the textbook o tests. This class taught me about values, virtues, what really matters in life, what I care about in my future. It made me think about my values and my characteristics that make me who I am. From now on, I can confidently say that before doing anything, I will first see if it matches my values and if I want to do it. Thank you, Professor Chazin!

Alec Horvath

The things I learned in Organizational Behavior this year dispelled a lot of myths I believed to be true within organizations. Professor Chazin offered a ton of real-life work experiences, and because of that I feel so much more confident with what I want to seek out in an occupation, and how I should go about securing it.

John Johannot

thank you so much for this semester. You did not just teach me about Organizational behavior, you helped me to learn about myself and what I truly want to pursue in my future. You teach so much that goes beyond the classroom and I am forever thankful. Every day of class you fought for us and our futures by pleading us to go into roles/jobs that make us truly happy. You are fighting a battle so few people fight and I thank you for that.

Munsu Lee

The course (Organizational Behavior) was very enjoyable and helpful. I really want to thank you for your effort over the past four months. The lessons you gave widened my vision and knowledge to understand the organization. Your enthusiasm and energy was so impressive that I was often captivated to your speaking. I believe that your speaking skills and energy can strongly attract the audience and your clients.