Charlotte Esteve

Consumer Behavior is key to achieving a successful marketing strategy. Your course helped me to understand this topic, so that I will be able to use it in my future career. Besides teaching very interesting subject matter, you always managed to do it in a funny, entertaining and interactive way. your energy and “joie de vivre” will be missed! It was a pleasure sharing these moments during the semester with you!

Artin Perse

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk with me. It was a very helpful conversation and a pleasure to hear from your extensive experience. I have had many mentors in the past, but none have been nearly as insightful as you when it comes to dealing with teams of people. I very much admire your passion for teaching and helping us students as we pursue our goals.

Nisa Demirpolat

I love Professor Chazin’s (Integrated Marketing Communications) class because his positive and supporting energy make the class memorable. He knows how to teach. It was an effective class for me. I enjoyed every single minute of learning in the class. Thank you, Professor for being amazing. PS: I don’t know why but whenever I leave your class I feel confident, and will miss it.

Alice Chu

Ethan Chazin is a man that you could wait your entire life for and be fulfilled within a minute of talking to him. His entire demeanor and ecstatic personality immediately engages and captivates all in the audience. He motivates by example. His approach to life and its problems is truly inspiring. Should you ever encounter the man, even in passing, consider yourself blessed.

Jesse Lei

To be completely honest, this course was one of my most enjoyable this semester and even during my college career. The structure of this class is what makes it great and enjoyable. Great conversations held in class and laughs shared. Please continue to teach and inspire others because for people and students alike, many do not understand the importance of being happy and satisfied with what you do. Hope that you have the best of luck and if you don’t return to NYU, I would love to be able to contact you if I ever feel the need for inspiration or even a dose of reality. Thanks again for the semester.

Daniel Oh

Professor Chazin proved masterful knowledge of the course (Organizational Behavior) material, while at the same time remaining sincere with the students. In doing so, I felt motivated and engaged throughout the course and was driven to succeed.