Thibault Laurent

Mr. Chazin has a fresh and relevant marketing vision. His (Brand Management) class was interactive and helped me in my professional growth. He gave me the opportunity to enhance my public speaking skills in his class. #YouRock!

Lea Benkemoun

Professor Chazin helps us see branding from a whole new point of view. His teaching will be beneficial for my professional future in corporate branding and brand management. He is a wonderful professor, full of life and funny and he got our (Branding Management) class really involved.

William Boulila

Mr. Chazin was able to motivate a class of 40 French (ISEG business) students by presenting a large number of real-life examples to cover the theory we learned in our (Consumer Behavior) class. The course was interesting, and I highly recommend this class and Mr. Chazin.

Antonin Coulon

You put so much energy and commitment into your work and your class (Consumer Behavior) presentations, that it actually turned lectures into a meaningful experience for me.

Florian Henry

The course (International Consumer Behavior) was interesting and I learned so much about global consumer behavior. The dynamic between ideas and class presentation was good. I also enjoyed the course because our professor (Ethan Chazin) was very passionate about the subject and about teaching.

Emilie Raillard

Thank you for your energy, enthusiasm, and dedication. You always made the effort to make the (International Consumer Behavior) course interesting, interactive, and motivating. I really felt you were here for us, you always answered email very quickly, and adapted to our needs. There are not a lot of instructors like you, so I am glad that I had the opportunity to have you as my professor.