Francois Puymartin

The course (International Consumer Behavior) covered many interesting topics and provided great ways to learn. Great recognition to Professor Ethan Chazin’s character and personality. He was always happy and shared his good mood with the students.

Alexandre Ionnides

Professor Chazin’s course (International Consumer Behavior) was really dynamic, and enjoying. It’s important to learn with someone who demonstrates happiness and a real authority. Class presentations were really interesting, and I learned a lot from this course.

Eric Heimburger

This course (International Consumer Behavior) was very interesting. The different topics we discussed helped me to better understand differences in culture across societies. Professor Chazin is very enthusiastic and his way of teaching enhances interest in the course.

Sebastian Parco

Professor Chazin, I just wanted to thank you for the experience on this semester’s (Marketing Management) class. I truly found all the material and the way you presented/taught the class to be very informative. Not many professors actually *present* the material like you did and I guess this is the reason why I found the class to be more interesting than others.

The material you gave us in regards to aligning one’s marketing strategy with business strategy makes owning a business sound so easy. I feel like starting my own business right now with the slides we’ve been given. Your energy and commitment are rare compared to other professors I’ve had and I truly appreciate it. I hope to see you soon in another class going forward. Thank you.

Margot Blom

Ethan Chazin is a great professor who puts a lot of heart into his work. He is truly passionate about branding and has a great knowledge about it and transmits it well. It was a pleasure to have you as my professor for Brand Management.

Thibault Laurent

Mr. Chazin has a fresh and relevant marketing vision. His (Brand Management) class was interactive and helped me in my professional growth. He gave me the opportunity to enhance my public speaking skills in his class. #YouRock!