Jenny Miller

Prof. Chazin taught thought-provoking classes that I was able to apply outside the classroom and on projects at work, and enabled me to more clearly observe trends around me. I will use his teaching to come up with new ways of thinking about all we discussed in our (Branding at NYU) class no matter what job I am in or career I pursue. This course was exactly what I needed to feel more confident and finding my voice. Thank you!

Felipe Villarreal

I can honestly say that I came out of Ethan’s (Branding at NYU) class with more knowledge about branding and marketing. His fun and knowledgeable way of teaching kept the class engaged. I appreciated the energy he brought to every instance of our relationship.

Roxanne Dahere

From the very first (Branding at NYU) class, it was clear that Professor Chazin is very knowledgeable about all aspects of branding and marketing. The class was very informative but pleasantly entertaining and engaging.

Gloria Vergin

Professor Chazin, thank you so much for your motivation, patience, and your commitment! I am amazed about your different experiences and I love the way you always spoke to our (Marketing Special Topics) class.) I also loved how you told us that we should do what we love and you have given us the chance to be successful in our careers. Your lessons have shown us how marketing can truly have an impact. I learned so much from you and your class on how to succeed working in teams and promoting an organization’s products and services.

Volha Parkhats

I recently took the “Leadership for new Managers” course at NYU’s School of Professional Studies that was taught by Ethan Chazin. I wanted to thank you Ethan one more time for the course. It really brought a lot of change in my life, got me inspired from the very beginning! You made me research and work so much harder by digging deeper into things. Your course was EXTREMELY beneficial for me. AND IT WAS FUN! 3 hours would fly by unnoticed every week! Thank you for being passionate at what you do and trying to give us as much knowledge as you can (often by staying through class overtime), for bringing such a positive vibe with your great sense of humor and entertaining presentations that made the information you shared stick O much easier! Thank you as well for giving us homework that encouraged developing new skills and knowledge. I really wish NYU made your course a little longer. I hope to see you teach more courses at NYU-SPS.”

Kadir Tosyali

Ethan Chazin was my professor when I took Organizational Behavior class in Fall 2015. Professor Chazin is one of the few great professors among the ones I’ve taken so far because his classes were interesting, interactive and instructive. Also, Professor Chazin always brings up-to-date materials such as Ted Talks videos or important news of the day about business, economy and organizations that leads to discussions in the class. With his deep intellectual knowledge, he plays a key role in the discussions and allows his students take advantage of his knowledge.