Ethan did a great job. He was a great presenter (Breaking Into the Business of Media & Entertainment program), very fun, so it made it very easy to listen to him. Unlike other speakers, I enjoyed how he spent time giving background on the industry.

Nick Brenza

Ethan Chazin’s presentation (Breaking Into the Business of Sports) was terrific. Mr. Chazin provided many back-end strategies for entering the sports industry that are easy to implement. The presentation opened my eyes to the many different avenues leading to the sports industry besides the four major sports leagues. I am confident that by incorporating Mr. Chazin’s strategies into my job search, I will significantly increase my chances for success.

Cora Perone

The presentation was entertaining and educational, reaching the college student leaders and leaving them with practical ideas to ensure their continued success in the marketplace. I highly recommend this fine presenter to all Career Service offices – Mr. Chazin corroborates our message at all levels.

Ginette Sano

Ethan Chazin provided an inside aspect of the struggles our students may face in life. By including the students in everyday situations using role playing on interviews he provided considerable insight.


I enjoyed your class last night (Business Planning Basics.) It was very inspirational, and I enjoyed learning all that I will need to accomplish, to start my business.


I was in your Business Planning Basics class last night. I must say, I left there very impressed. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and you really made that worth our while. Thank you.