Karina Weinstein

Ethan gave a great public speaking workshop at the We Are All Brooklyn Fellowship. He imparted actionable and strategic advice about successful public speaking. He was dynamic and engaging! I highly recommend his workshops!

Padma Seemangal

Your presentation “The art of public speaking and compelling elevator pitches” was well thought out and I appreciated the message. I walked away with the importance of building an emotional connection with the audience. The elevator pitch activity was very effective and put into practice what was discussed. VERY ENGAGING!

Jorge Fanjul

Ethan helped to personalize public speaking and its process for me. He’s very positive and I was comfortable with him.

Rhonie Lester

Ethan’s presentation: “The art of public speaking and compelling elevator pitches” was concise and engaging. I could relate to all of the topics he covered. The biggest takeaways for me were preparing your talk to answer the audience’s questions: “What’s in it for me?” and “So what?”.

Danielle Bruscella

Ethan is a motivational speaker. He was encouraging; listening to his talk “Brand yourself for a successful career” made me immediately focus on how I could apply what he was describing as unique, memorable and invaluable, to myself and my career goals. He appeared very dedicated passionate about job searches and how to prepare for them successfully as a student. I appreciated his talk and hope he provides many more!

Rhea Smith

Your Public Speaking workshop provided me with the first opportunity to publicly speak. I was nervous, but thought of your advice and visualized your presentation and used it to speak with truth and power.