The Socially Unconscious Company Portfolio

Has the American enterprises sold its soul in pursuit of the almighty dollar?

Since after World War II, American businesses have been driven by a relentless need to maximize profit. In the process, they fueled generations of ammoral business leaders that have been hell-bent on market place success, while satisfying their greed. Meanwhile, over decades of callous disregard for their employees the American worker has become a dispensible asset. The general public has suffered mightily through repeated financial schemes, dangerous products, and constant downsizing and off-shoring that has produced the 21st century global contract workplace of today with rampant unemployment.

Following is a random sampling of these ammoral, unethical companies that have pursued profit at the expense of our society’s well-being. Granted not all are American owned, but what they share is a willingness and adept ability to harm our society. Remember, we are only talking about America here, not the damage inflicted by busines & industry on the rest of the world.

Would you invest in these companies? Do you invest in these companies? Would you consider a socially responsible stock portfolio if it meant smaller rates of return on your investments?

British Petroleum
Altria Group (owner of Phillip Morris)
Global Crossing
Beretta/Armalite/Smith & Wesson (really, ANY gun manufacturer)
Eli Lilly
Goldman Sachs
Phusion Projects (maker of Four Loko)

What do you think? Who should’ve been on this list?

There’s plenty of blame to go around for the mess in our society caused by business and industry.