Dr. Jennifer Jones

This was a great program (Sales Techniques for Career Centers) from start to finish. It was tailor made for Career Centers and focused on key recruitment and sales strategies for a rapidly changing market place. Many thanks to The Chazin Group for understanding the recruiting practices and needs of the field, and for designing sales programs that are comprehensive and practical.

Juan Rengifo

Great time management presentation (Don’t Manage Time; OWN It!) with many ideas that I eagerly plan on implementing. I appreciated the different perspectives on things we normally accept and do not question.

Eden Pontz

Ethan is engaging and experienced and not afraid to tell it like it is. His overview on “Mastering Marketing” was jam-packed with great suggestions, ideas, and things to look out for as you build your business.

Michelle Moore

I took this course (Mastering Marketing) to get ideas to promote my home care business. This course was great. Ethan was engaging, and the class was interactive. I learned so much information in a short time. I would highly recommend Ethan to any organization looking for his expertise.

Juan Romero

Great overview of marketing (Mastering Marketing) for entrepreneurs. Ethan made it fun and interesting. I could easily have listened for hours more.

Maria Emilia Arriagada

Great course/lecture (Mastering Marketing.) Refreshing and inspiring personality with great and useful insight. Thank you, Ethan!