Steven Ha

“I really appreciated Ethan for preparing and adjusting topics discussed to benefit
his audience more. Ethan genuinely wants to help other succeed not only in their
next job but for their entire careers. Ethan shared what works for him as well as
what others with demanding positions do to be successful. Ethan helped me think
critically about the topics discussed and what kind of companies I would want to be
looking for to work at. While sharing his expertise of 30 years on these topics, he
engaged with his audience well and made the learning experience more interactive
and fun.”

Scott Whalen

“Ethan’s leadership training was engaging and informative. He offered strategies that can help our agency improve teamwork, employee morale, and communication. Ethan was very knowledgeable and provided participants with resources on conflict resolution, coaching, leadership styles, delegating work, and understanding the aspects of different generations in the workforce. Discussions throughout the training about differences between a supervisor/manager and a leader were very impactful for the group. We look forward to having Ethan provide additional training for the agency.”

Mitchell Roshong

“Ethan delivered an engaging and insightful webcast on “Creating a Compassionate Culture for a Lasting Competitive Advantage” to our Leadership Academy. His passion and expertise truly shined through as our members provided extremely positive feedback. Ethan was a pleasure to work with, always punctual, and very prepared. We thank him for his time and great presentation!

Marco Carreon

Ethan Chazin represents a unique breed of educators that provide both an informative education and a wealth of knowledge on career coaching. His personable and friendly nature make him easy to go to for both school purposes and real world advice. His lessons included personal branding, designing the customer interface, and the effects internet has on pricing, amongst others. I highly recommend Ethan Chazin as a professor and a mentor. Anyone that is passionate about learning or looking for career advice should definitely reach out to him.


Ethan Chazin, was by far, the best speaker we’ve had. He distinguished himself by arriving early, taking notes to acquaint himself with the students. He handed out an impressive resume, then supplemented that during discussion. He showed sincere interest and empathy towards all students. He used humility and humor to get his points across. In fact, Mr. Chazin represents what I thought the typical WIBO teacher would be. While his experience concentrates on selling B2B, and much of what he shared may not apply to my retail business, he has to be given the highest grade. He went the extra mile and showed initiative.

The discussion leader was very animated!! Good Thing!!! He kept us engaged. I like the way he remembered our names and businesses and incorporated us in his presentation! Excellent!!

I thought I knew what I was doing (starting a business) but when I attended your Entrepreneurship talk, you took me through the entire process and I felt reborn. Thank you very much! You are a business messiah.

Ethan really facilitated my understanding of the importance of passion and personal philosophy in creating a successful business. Very inspiring!

I have always admired you since you did a professional marketing workshop at Grove City College in PA. What you are doing to help others is amazing. I enjoy articles and learn so much. Thank you for sharing what you already know with the masses! Blessings!

Various WIBO Students

Ethan, you’re a great instructor. You have the ability to transmit information which increases knowledge of the business world.

In my opinion he was one of the best speakers so far.