Anil R. Poonai

“Ethan is very knowledgeable and friendly and an absolute professional. He is very concerned with helping you proceed with your career and will not just give you generic advice but will go into detail on what works best and how to analyze situations and make them in your favor. He is someone I highly recommend if you’re in need of a career coach as he won’t keep you bored and will always have something to teach or motivate you. I hope to work with him again soon!”

Nicholas Janesky

“I had the pleasure of having Ethan as an instructor for a Soft Skills Business class. Each week, he brought a level of knowledge, energy, and enthusiasm that I have never experienced during my many years of study. His class may have only lasted one hour each week, but it was not only something that I looked forward to, but the lessons taught I will remember for years to come. I look forward to having the chance to apply what I have learned from Ethan not only in future interviews and careers, but also in my social interactions, relationships, and life.”

Maria Sanchez

“Ethan’s professional development training was informative, interesting, valuable, and engaging. After the training, I utilized the strategies that he covered with our Cohort and I was able to apply them to prepare for my interview (with Cognizant). Ethan provided many strategies to boost my self-confidence as I prepared for the interview and he also provided me with one-on-one coaching to prepare. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in Ethan’s candidate training on behalf of Quintrix for the Cognizant consulting engagement. Thanks to Ethan I am MUCH more confident that I will be successful in my career. Thank you, Ethan!”

Sadikchhya Khanal

“Ethan is an amazingly honest and upfront career coach! I found him to be motivating, inspiring, and encouraging throughout the career counseling process. He really changed the way I conceptualized networking and encouraged me to connect more in order to go steadfast into the career of my dreams.”

Emma Sullivan

“Ethan effectively and efficiently helped me to revitalize my resume and LinkedIn. From our first conversation, he was conscious of identifying areas for improvement, providing specific action items, and giving positive feedback. We initially connected after he presented a webinar for GW Alumni entitled “Cultivate Powerful Professional Relationships.” Due to his influence, I am well on my way to putting that presentation title into practice in my own career.”

Eric Richman

“From the moment I lost my job due to company layoffs, it wasn’t until I met with Ethan that I felt somebody was on my side. I quickly learned that Ethan isn’t just a “somebody.” If his resume doesn’t speak for itself, then a conversation with him surely will – his level of professionalism, expertise and knowledge is simply a gift for anyone lucky enough to work with him. After months of unsuccessful job hunting, it only took a couple of meetings with Ethan to build a strategy that gave me the confidence and savvy needed to network in today’s professional arena. Ethan receives my highest possible endorsement to anyone looking to put a laser focus on their career!”