Avitosh Totaram

“Ethan is a professional who takes his time to help those who he interact with become the best version of themselves. He does not focus on giving you generic advice which will get you a job but he asks you questions so that you know what you are looking for specifically, then guides you on the steps you take in order to achieve your goal. His wisdom shows when he speaks, and anyone would be able to learn something valuable when speaking to him or attending any of his webinars.”

Fiona Yin

“Ethan is my career counselor. He is patient and helpful in guiding me to find out my career goal. He also instructed me to think about the industry/company/job positions I want to pursue and encouraged me to pursue informational interviews to achieve my career goals. As one of the international students (at Teachers College, Columbia University) who has experienced cultural and language barriers pursuing employment in the US, I really appreciate his dedication and commitment to help me build my confidence and competency in career planning and job searching.”

Alice Chiu

Ethan is passionate about career coaching. He provides focused, helpful strategy.

Olivia Whelan

Thank you for all of your incite and time. You are great at galvanizing and guiding people, and I will recommend your services to anyone looking for small business help.


A former co-worker had been trying to get me to interview with her new company for some time. It is sales, but not in my current industry. I finally said okay, and “luckily” had a fantastic resume to send over. Long story short, I start my new job in a few weeks! Thanks again.

Michael Simon

Ethan has provided me with great advice and insight during my job search. He has helped me in all phases of the process, from strengthening my resume to preparing for informational interviews. I would recommend Ethan to anyone who is looking for career advice.