Luis Gonzalez

As someone who has seen relatively quick growth in my field, I believed I had things pretty well figured out. However, while things may have been going well, the truth is I had so much to learn. This is where Ethan came in. Ethan came in at a perfect time for me. A time where I felt I was doing well, but the overall company faced some struggles that thanks to Ethan’s coaching, I realized I could play a bigger role in fixing. Ethan is like a fountain of wisdom. His years of experience through multiple companies allows him to provide a perception of things that you wouldn’t have thought of. Not only is Ethan’s advice and assistance wise, it’s relatable, it’s palatable, it’s something that you enjoy listening to and putting into action. A lot of times you can go to a seminar, or have a training that can have valuable information, however, the way the information is presented to you makes it very ineffective. Ethan is different in this regard. He’s charismatic, personable, and really knows how to mold a message to help it have a stronger impact. Working with Ethan has had a huge impact on my development and on the way, I process things as a professional and an individual. With Ethan’s help, I feel I have become stronger at understanding how to maximize the efficiency of my team, as well as identify some situations that I would not normally think I was needed in or I could have an impact, and offer my knowledge and assistance. I sincerely thank you for your help, Ethan. I have truly learned a lot from you on how to better prepare, how to better react, and how to truly make my voice heard in an effective and helpful manner.