Jessica O’Toole

I work as a Human Resources Manager for a rapidly growing company. Ethan was initially brought on to do a training with our leadership team about being an effective leader. The training went so well and our leaders valued his input so much that we decided to have him come on as a coach to myself and other employees within the organization that work in a leadership position. He also coaches the Owner and CEO of our company. Before Ethan came on board, we were experiencing some severe growing pains and our leadership team was struggling with many aspects of being effective leaders for their teams. There has been nothing, but improvements not just with the leaders as individuals, but with the company as a whole since we have started working with Ethan. We have Ethan come in monthly for one on ones and regularly reach out to him asking for guidance. He always provides useful and insightful solutions and guidance. Ethan will continue to work with our company indefinitely as he has been instrumental in the ongoing success and growth of our team and our company.