Didi Boyadjieva

Dear Ethan. Thank you for your wonderful lecture at the New York State Society of CPAs. I appreciate your time and great mission. I also enjoy reading your new book: The Compassionate Organization: And the People Who Love to Work for Them. Great Book! I love it! I have been reading many books from Peter Drucker on Management and Leadership, from Travis Bradberry on Emotional Intelligence, etc. and your book is among the best books I have ever read. I like your unique perspective on what matters most to Millennial workers and I agree with you that compassion is a central driving force for each organization, positioned for success. I couldn’t agree more that one of the most important factors influencing an employees’ level of satisfaction with their employer is the feeling of appreciation they receive. I believe in miracles and I believe I met you on time and for a reason. I am not the “purple cow”. I am the hidden treasure, looking for the key to unlock my full potential. You have the key I have been looking for. Thank you again! Keep doing what you are doing! You are on the right path. I truly appreciate your exceptional work.