How bad do you really want to start a business?

Can You Predict If You’ll Become a Successful Entrepreneur.
Today’s blog has been brewing in my mind for a long time, five years to be exact ever since I launched my own business start-up consulting firm.
I speak to hundreds of entrepreneurs and start-ups every week, as well as many want to be business owners who are trapped in unrewarding day jobs or unemployed and want to stop looking for work.
I can always spot the person that is passionate and totally committed to start a business. I can also spot the people that won’t. It has nothing to do with the completeness of their business, how many potential clients they have chatted with to get first hand research, not their ability to generate investment funding, or the amount of professional experience they possess.
It’s something more basic and primal, it’s the heart of what leads some to achieve greatness while so many others quit.
The people that I meet and consult with that I know are going to be successful at starting and growing a business all share one common trait and that is, they just WANT it more. I don’t have any real way of defining it, but I do know “IT” when I see it.
Want to know if you possess the “IT” needed to plan, launch and grow a successful business. Do you see any of the following qualities in yourself?
* They don’t put off their business planning when life’s schedule demands become untenable.
* They wake up at 3am because they remember something they had to work on.
* They push themselves beyond their physical, mental and emotional limits.
* They are never afraid to ask “WHY” and “WHAT IF?”
* They aren’t afraid to do the research and planning up-front but they don’t let themselves suffer from the paralysis of analysis as they prefer to test on the fly.
* They align themselves with all the right people and distance themselves from anyone that tells them not to pursue their dreams.
* They hate excuses, won’t tolerate excuses from themselves or others.
* They are naturally curious, love solving problems, enjoy puzzles, riddles.
* The business they are pursuing is a passion.
Well, that’s my short list of qualities that all successful entrepreneurs share and how I know someone that will start a business and be successful at it. I’m sure you can think of a lot more characteristics of world-class entrepreneurs. what are they?
Ethan Chazin, The Compassionate Coach