Grow Your Business in Your Down Time

Grow Your Business in Your Down Time

Foot Surgery Forces Business Coach to Stand Down

Next Wednesday, I’m having foot surgery bunion surgery, to be specific. Now I know, this isn’t exactly a “sexy” procedure but for a guy who considers taking a Saturday afternoon nap to be excitement it’s a big deal.
I am excited that I will have the opportunity to share my experiences with you after being forced to literally SIT STILL for a few weeks. Coming on the the heels (cheesy foot pun) of having spent the last four years running non-stop to grow my business consultancy like a chicken with its head cut off. the forced down time is going to feel alien. Just because I will be forced to sit, that doesn’t mean I will be lying down on the job.
For starters, I’m putting the finishing touches on my new website which I I’ll let you know about as soon as it “goes live.”  To my clients who like to meet in person, we can still continue to do just that…except it will be over the phone. In the meantime, I have prepared a Top 10 list of things that one could do with all of the FREE time:
10. Revisit your strategy: recovering will finally enable me to revisit my own business plan (something EVERY biz owner should do periodically;)
9. Get a CRM: Whether you work for a multinational corporation or you’re an entrepreneur, you need to store all your client and prospect information in one single place.  You can get them for free (Zoho), buy a mid-range solution like Highrise or go to the high-end with a solution like
8. Watch your dog “cat nap” 20 hours a day: in-between bouts of licking herself.  It REALLY is a “Dog’s Life;”

7. Enjoy life’s simple pleasures: Thousands of hours of reality TV viewing await. Why not get caught up on Snookie + Jwow?:

6. Respond to emails: Remember all those emails sitting in your in-box? Now is the perfect time to write back, and empty the clutter.
5. Get addicted to Words with Friends:

4. Write Thank You cards to your clients:

3. Get familiar with workflow management systems like Google docs or Dropbox:

2. NFL team training camps finally begin! Go Cowboys!

…and the #1 thing you can do with all the down time is:

1. Plan on making the rest of 2012 GREAT for yourself, your family, AND your business.
Stay tuned as I report in on the entrepreneur’s dilemma of being FORCED to slow down, even as we prepare to spring forward this fall.