Why I Am Thankful in 2012. Giving Thanks This Thanksgiving

Why I Will Be Giving Thanks in 2012.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the things we have endured this year including: a vicious presidential year-long campaign, hurricane Sandy with its flooding, displacement, and tremendous human toll, corporate scandals, etc. As many of us head out on the road today in advance of Thanksgiving tomorrow, I would like to share my thoughts on why I am thankful this thanksgiving, and why we should all be giving thanks.
I am thankful for a loving wife who tolerates me, loves me unconditionally despite my many flaws, and has provided a rock of support throughout our entire 16 years being married to one another.
I am EXTREMELY thankful for an amazingly smart, strong, independent and beautiful daughter who is a gift from God and is fast becoming a young woman before my very eyes.
I am thankful that Hurricane Sandy only inconvenienced our family and nothing more, unlike so many other less fortunate people who suffered tremendous loss.
I am thankful that we live in a country that is still governed by the rule of law. That we can go to the ballot box and vote in (and out) the politicians that do not represent our interests without the fear of being pulled off the line at the voting station and executed.
I am thankful that we live in a land of cast offs and outcasts who still honor the Constitution and our Declaration of Independence that our forefathers gave us as a lasting gift of freedom and democracy.
I am thankful that, even though, our society is a melting pot of different people we honor and tolerate our religious and cultural differences, that we resolve our issues with debate and not tribal warfare. I am thankful we live in a land that is sTILL a shining beacon on the hill that people from all over the world still flock to in pursuit of a better life.
I am thankful that our daughters can go to school without the fear of being shot dead in the streets, simply for pursuing education.
I am thankful that we live in a community (Hoboken, NJ) that despite doubling its growth in the past decade, has not lost site of its small town roots and has proven it can come together in times of emergency as we just experienced.
I am thankful for my (relative) health, despite various body parts are starting to fail me in my mid-40s.
I am extremely appreciative of the continued support that my clients have entrusted me with. My customers allow me to do what I love doing, helping people find their dream jobs or leave Corporate America to pursue their dream of starting their own business, all because of the continued trust my clients give me. For that I’m thankful…and in their debt of service.
Of course, I’m also thankful for my crazy terrier, Molly. She keeps me “grounded” with her unconditional love and affection. Whether I leave the house for seconds to throw out the garbage or am gone for entire days, she greets me at the door shaking convulsively until she almost falls over.

This Thanksgiving and holiday season is the PERFECT time to spend LESS time thinking about the things we DON’T have or have lost, and focus on all the things we can be thankful for.
I wish you and your family a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

The Compassionate Coach