Your 2015 Business Start Up Bucket List

What do you want to achieve in 2015?
What projects have you been thinking it would be great to finally take on next year?
What is that one big project you would want to tackle?  That one big client you have been meaning to try to land to prove you can compete with the big boys?
Have you been thinking how great it would be to FINALLY quit your day job and pursue that business idea you have been thinking about for ages?  Why not plan on making 2015 the year you move out of your home office and rent office space.
Perhaps you have been waffling on whether to invest in a web design firm to re-do your company website.  Have you been thinking how nice it would be to bring a partner or two into the business?  What about sub-contracting all of your administrative work?  Pursuing new product s?  Branching out by offering new services, or perhaps expanding your business into new markets?
Have you been thinking how great it would be if you could finally exhibit your company with a booth at your industry’s annual trade show?
Have you been thinking how cool it would be to teach a class at your local college, start a blog, serve on an industry panel, give a talk, start a MeetUp?
bucket list
Well…what is holding you back?   The answer isn’t time.  We ALL have time constraints.  That’s a cop out.
In my work as a business consultant and executive coach, I have heard every conceivable excuse.   That is exactly what the reasons are that people give for not pursuing their business bucket list.
The underlying factor preventing people from pursuing their dreams can be summed up in a SINGLE word. It’s called… FEAR!
Fear takes many forms.  There’s fear of the unknown, since we are all creatures of habit.  In these days of little/no job security a primal fear many potential entrepreneurs posses that I work on is a fear of falling without a safety net…aka.  a FEAR OF (BUSINESS START UP) FAILURE.
Well…perhaps you might fail.  But ask yourself this: “What if I didn’t fail?”
What if you swung for the fences, and hit the ball out of the park?
you can't hit a home run
So, this Thanksgiving be sure to be thankful for all you have.  Then file away that secret you won’t tell anyone else that you are going to pursue your bucket list of things you’ve always wanted to do, to start a business in 2015.
Make a list of all those long shot, pipe dream goals you haves.
Write down what you think it is going to take, to accomplish each bucket list item.  Be sure to set a start and end date for each project, then prioritize your business start up bucket list by percent probability of completion and the potential positive impact they will have on your (and your family’s) life.  Don’t forget to include the resources each will take to complete, including the people you will need to enlist to get those wish list items from dream to reality.  Once you finalize your 2015 project list, get into that runner’s crouch and prepare (using strategic planning) to sprint out of the blocks in 2015 on the sprint to complete your bucket list.
Here’s to your business start up success in 2015.
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