Calendar Your 2024 Priorities

If you’re like me you have begun to fill your calendar for next month, the start of the new calendar year.
I suggest that for the first month of the year in order to set yourself up for a successful (profitable) First Quarter you rethink every meeting/task you’ve scheduled or plan on scheduling.


Ask yourself: “Why am I doing this… [Task / Meeting / Event]?
Then, rate every calendar item with a Priority (use the Covey 1-3 priority scale) based on the task’s impact to your business (IMPORTANCE) and the urgency (TIME TO COMPETION) as follows:


Priority One: I “HAVE” to do this;
Priority Two: Also important, but more time to complete than a Priority 1;  and
Priority Three: Not so important, more time to complete.


Every action you have identified/assigned to yourself MUST be directly tied to achieving a strategic goal. If not, delegate it, automate it, or remove it completely. January is all about filling the sails of your growth ship with ample headwinds.