Monthly Archives: November 2010

Greatest Sports Movies EVER

I’m sitting here watching “Remember The Titans”, and I got to thinking of the best sports movies that I have ever seen. The criteria is, there has to be tremendous entertainment value, you want to watch the movie over and over, and you share them with family and friends. So, here’s my list. What do YOU think?
12. Brian’s Song
11. The Longest Yard
10. Heavan Can Wait
9. Rudy
8. Miracle
7. Bad News Bears (the ORIGINAL)
6. North Dallas 40
5. Rocky I
4. Eight Men Out
3. Jerry Maguire
2. Hoosiers
1. Remember the Titans

A New Strategy for Job Seekers

Given the upcoming Thanksgiving binge-fest, today seems like a perfect time to stop and reflect on some key lessons learned for the job-seeking populace.

You cannot attempt to job search using old strategies. Today’s global contract workplace demands new strategies that position you for success.

Even in the best of times, no more than 10-15% of all available positions are advertised. Research shows that Monster, Career Builder and Yahoo! Hot Jobs contain no moe than 6-7% of all available jobs.

Rather than spending most of your time searching job sites, you would be much better served by identifying the 3-4 industries you are interested in pursuing. For each industry, find 6-8 firms that possess a culture that matches your values and belief system. Research as much as you can about them, and find the person you would be reporting to in the role you would want from them. Develop a script on how you will engage that person, then pick up the phone and CALL THEM. Tell them you have done research and can help them, and ask for 15-3 minutes to meet with you so you can explain how.

You have to be able to “sell yourself” like a product. To do that it is critical that you know your product features and benefits. Consider your past work experiences, your key skills, certifications and accreditation, language proficiency, software applications, experiences working/living/studying abroad, professional Association memberships, volunteer/community work, etc.

You MUST be prepared to convince them how you can provide a set of solutions in three key areas:
1. How can you help them make money;
2. How can you help them to save money; and
3. How can you help them to improve their operational efficiency.

In today’s global contract workplace the old ways of job searching no longer exist. After the Thanksgiving turkey day binge-fest, start thinking how you can sell yourself in a whole new way.