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Free Webinar:

Build a World-Class Culture in Your Organization.

Feb. 14 from 12-1 pm EST – register here.

I share immediately actionable strategies you can employ to unleash your people’s untapped potential, double your and your Team’s productivity in 60 days, build a diverse and inclusive workplace, and leverage innovation & creativity for lasting competitive advantage.

Here’s what you will gain by attending:

  • Re-position your organization in the hearts and minds of others by revisiting your vision, mission, values, and moral compass.
  • Define the type of people you want to work with as suppliers, contractors, vendors, the media…everyone!
  • Master the art of storytelling to explain what sets your organization apart. It’s your history, key milestones, and most importantly…WHY you do what you do (your purpose!)
  • Understand why ethical organizations perform better financially as we visit the world of Ethisphere.
  • Apply best practices to treat your employees like valued partners for optimal engagement and retention.
  • How to implement Reward & Recognition, Coaching and Mentoring, employee Idea Generation, and Town Hall programs within your organization.
  • Intrinsic v.s Extrinsic motivation.
  • Define and RECRUIT the best attributes of STAR performers who live and breath innovation and creativity

Not only is it FREE, but as an extra incentive I’ll email you my e-book “Apply Innovation & Creativity in Your Organization” when you register.

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Start Improving Your Business Today

Attend One of Our Premium Webinars

Why Customer Service is So G-d Aful, And How You Can Fixt It!


  • What customers want ‘aint close to what they receive;
  • Practices Guaranteed to Ensure Dreadful Customer Service;
  • Seeing the Big (Customer) Picture; and
  • Strategies that Maximize Your Customer’s Experiences.

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Professional Branding Bootcamp: Brand YOURSELF for Career & Business Success.


  • What is a (personal) brand;
  • Unique value proposition;
  • Your brand attributes as brand qualities; and
  • Building relationships.


  • Learn how to conduct a personal assessment;
  • Write a personal mission statement and proposition statement;
  • Go networking with your brand – 521 Rule; and
  • How to do informational interviews.

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Building Relationships Bootcamp: To Achieve Success DON’T Network. Forge Lasting Relationships Instead.


  • Engage your hometown;
  • Create an ideal contact profile;
  • Event networking strategic plan;
  • Building Relationships;
  • Becoming a Servant master to engage your community;
  • The power of social engagement and emotional intelligence; and
  • Serving people’s needs by delivering solutions.


  • Develop your Elevator pitch
  • Forge relationships offline and online
  • Understand how your behavior reflects your values and beliefs

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Marketing Mastery: Achieve Ferrari-Type Performance on a Fiat Budget.


This program will teach you how to market your organization, your products and services, and yourself/your people by embracing 21st Century PULL marketing strategies. The age of broadcast-era PUSH marketing communications (TV, radio, telemarketing) no longer work in today’s constantly connected social media driven world. Learn to communicate with your clients, prospects, employees, and vendors to make emotional connections, gain trust, move customers up the lifetime value chain, and convert mercenary customers to loyalists then raving fans.


  • What Marketing is and isn’t (you will be surprised)
  • Push vs. Pull marketing
  • Online is where it’s at
  • Content is king
  • Explain why you/your firm/your people do what they do


  • Align your business and sales goals (functions) with marketing
  • Forge powerful connections by communicating with emotion
  • Develop solutions to the problems people face (exceed wildest expectations)
  • Make all employees brand ambassadors
  • Implement a world-class culture/why ethical organizations always outperform their competitors
  • Gain and maintain lasting competitive advantage

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Innovate Your Way to Future Success and Competitive Advantage.

Conduct a Human Capital Audit.


This program will enable attendees to understand how to conduct an intellectual capital audit within their organization to identify and leverage untapped assets.

Topics covered:

  • Conduct a human capital audit to match employee core competencies with their job requirements to unleash everyone’s untapped potential;
  • Build an intellectual property portfolio comprised of copyrights, patents and trademarks;
  • Protect your reputational brand from attack;
  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s key proprietary systems and processes and how these provide you with a key operational (and thus competitive) advantage in your markets; and
  • Fund an internal Start Up venture program to back employee ideas for new business ventures. Rather than have your top talent leave to start their own business ventures you can fund your employees start ups internally and take advantage of their entrepreneurial spirit.

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February 16, 2017
Develop client partnerships using novel customer care strategies.


  • Begin with your culture.
  • Take a consultative approach.
  • Be a “matchmaker.”
  • More than just client acquisition.
  • The five levels of client need.
  • Achieve meaningful partnerships.
  • Maximize your customer’s experience with you.
  • Hire for specific personality attributes, never skills.

February 23, 2017

Achieve real and lasting work/Life balance.


  • Time management really matters.
  • Daily, weekly time track challenge.
  • email…the final frontier and time waster black hole.
  • The power of planning.
  • Fallacy and folly of multi-tasking.
  • Don’t DO…delegate!

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