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Whether you are a professional, entrepreneur, start-up or established business owner, our programs are designed to enable you to achieve optimal productivity and maximize your investment in your people’s training and professional development.

Entrepreneurs & Startups

Forge powerful relationships for career success.

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HR, Staffing, Recruiting

Learn about diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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Job Seekers, Career Transitioners

Find your dream job.

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Professionals, Executives and Business Owners

Become a transformational leader.

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Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn in our workshops.

Dare to be Great in All You Do
The Emotionally Intelligent Organization
Ethical Culture for Strategic Advantage
Implementing Self-Managed Teams
Client Partnerships With Exceptional
Customer Care
Excel at Public Speaking
Build a World-Class Culture
Unleash the Millennial Leader Within You
Innovation & Creativity
True Diversity & Inclusion
The 5-Generation Workforce


“Ethan was an amazing instructor that was able to take really dry subject (Professionalism) and transform it into a lively attention-grabbing program that did not feel like four hours in a classroom. Thank you!!” October 12, 2016. – Jonathan Capitelli, Emergency Medical Service, Jersey City Medical Center

“The strategies and approach you shared helped guide my overall understanding of true professionalism and how to apply them towards helping me to maximize my full potential in the future. Thank you for being passionate about what you teach.” October 12, 2016. Suzane Thomas, Jersey City Medical Center

“I enjoyed your presentation on Professionalism. It was eye-opening. It change my perspective on a lot of things. I would definitely recommend it for my co-workers. I can apply what I learned in my work and personal life. Thank you.” October 12, 2016. Milagros Rivera, Counseling & Testing, Greenville Site, Jersey City Medical Ctr.

“Your enthusiasm kept us on the edge of our seats!” (Remaining Ethical in a Morally Compromised World, Sept. 30, 2016.) Mike Candarella, President, Dept. of Public Works, South Orange, NJ,

“Ethan was great. He presented effectively on a topic (“Remaining Ethical in a Morally Compromised World”) that is so, SO important! Thank you!”
Kyle Nelson, President, Dept. of Public Works, City of Orange Township,

“Ethan, I found vour presentation (“Being Ethical in a Morally Compromised World) highly informative and enthusiastic. You enforced principles which I believe in, while introducing new information. I feel I will be better able to perform my daily job in interacting with my employees and the public, because of your course. I certainly would recommend you to my peers and will keep an eye out for more of your offerings.” Kyle Nelson, President, Dept. of Public Works, Maplewood Township

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