In The Compassionate Organization, I explore the changing American workplace.

In the past, employees went to work for organizations in an implicit agreement that they would provide their skills for fair pay. If they performed well, they would be rewarded with a modicum of job security and perhaps even career advancement. Those days of one employer per career are long gone. In today’s “contract” economy, workers change jobs between eight to ten times by the time they reach 35 years old. Mature workers and Baby Boomers are leaving the workplace by the tens of thousands every day.

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This mass exodus of the Mature workforce and Baby Boomers coincides with Millennial workers taking over roles of increasing importance within organizations. Estimates are Millennials will constitute 75-80% of the American workforce by 2020. Meanwhile, organizations have been “flattening out” their management ranks as they cast off layers of middle management in the past few decades.

With this huge transfer in the balance of power from older to younger American workers, Millennials bring with them into the workplace a new set of organizational values, beliefs about work, and a set of ethics and expectations about appropriate organizational behavior. Millennials expect that the organizations they work for (and buy from) share their values, possess a moral compass, and must care for the environment.

Consider hiring Ethan to present his findings and share his experiences spent working in Corporate America for 20+ years and providing consulting to over 250 organizations to speak to your organization. Some possible programs that Ethan can address during a talk to your group include:

* How to build an exceptional culture;
* What is this Millennial worker I’ve heard so much about;
* Motivating people the right way;
* Communication to transcend the “Generational Divide”;
* Find, hire and retain “Rising Star” top performers; and
* Unleashing the Transformational leader inside everyone.

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