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“Ethan Chazin is effective in his business consulting and helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Through his experiences, he has gained the knowledge necessary to get his clients’ businesses on the right track to success.”

Michele Aline, Co-Founder & President, Aline Administrative Services

“Ethan has been so helpful with my business. He understands what I need to get done and helps me stay focused. Since I’ve started working with Ethan, I’m working smarter, not harder.”

Rosanna Perch

“I have known Ethan through his role as a service provider at NYC Business Solutions Lower Manhattan Center for several years now. From my first encounter with Ethan, I knew he was a dedicated , enthusiastic, highly intelligent business consultant. Ethan exhibits extremely high levels of professionalism, compassion, and strategic guidance to business owners , and up and coming entrepreneurs. It has been a pleasure working with him, and I consider his methods and insight to be invaluable. I would recommend him for any consulting role, big or small, as he would be an amazing addition to any team fortunate enough to acquire his knowledge and expertise.”

James Venia, NYC Business Solutions, Lower Manhattan Center

“I met Ethan at a NYC Business Solutions training and between his dynamic sense of humor and his in-depth knowledge on the business market I hired him immediately to consult for my IT & Networking Agency. Ethan has helped us develop our strategies to reaching our target market and helped us redevelop our internal procedures so that we can really reach our goals.”

Elizabeth Lopez, Chief Marketing Officer, Grepo PC

“I wanted to say thank you again for taking time last week to share your experiences and expertise in website creation/entrepreneurship. The information you gave was very useful for us starting new businesses. I look forward to our upcoming consultation.”


“Ethan is a fantastic business coach with a wealth of information I can’t even begin to list out. He works with all sorts of businesses small and large. In one month, the volume of things I’ve accomplished with my small business is just incredible.”

Heather, Wagging Tails

“The Chazin Group has helped my organization immensely. Ethan Chazin is a top notch professional who understands the intricacies of communication and management like no one else I’ve seen. I have had a great deal of positive feedback from staff about Ethan’s style and he has added value here in many, many tangible and measurable ways. In addition, Ethan is an excellent leadership coach who has helped me achieve greater confidence, as well as a clearer sense of vision. I cannot say enough about him and would recommend him highly to any non-profit manager or small business owner who is looking to maximize the productivity levels of his or her staff.”

Josh Keller, Executive Director, Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corp.

“Ethan is patient and eager to help!  He challenged me to consider whether my career path was the best fit for me.  As a result, I pursued a new field and was accepted into a Master’s program.  Prior to working with Ethan, I did not think this opportunity was viable and was probably going to remain in an unsuccessful job search.  I am very excited about starting school and identifying new career opportunities as a result of Ethan’s coaching.”

Raji Bhathal

“Ethan’s suggestions and feedback was terrific. It was incredibly helpful for framing & positioning. His input with regards to interviewing techniques was also of immense value. I would absolutely and enthusiastically recommend his services to anyone looking to successfully land their next opportunity.”

Matt, Montclair, NJ

“Ethan has been instrumental in helping me organize and create a strategy to find a career in tough economic times. I find that his approach is proactive and that the skills he teaches are not only effective in finding employment, for also effective in promoting your current job and positioning yourself in a company that is a good fit for your emotional and mental well-being.

Mikki Papa, Hoboken, NJ

“At first, I thought I only wanted to utilize their resume writing service. But then I got laid off and needed them for so much more. The emotional and psychological support they provided was fantastic. They kept me on track in my job search and guided me through these hard economic times until I found my dream job. Thank you!”

Susan, Hoboken, NJ

“I’ve worked with Ethan to help me with my resume and job search strategy, as well as for interview preparation. He is knowledgeable, focused and disciplined in his job search strategies. His insights and methods have helped me to define and pursue the jobs I’m really interested in.”

Teresa Zaki

“Ethan has provided me with great advice and insight during my job search. He has helped me in all phases of the process, from strengthening my resume to preparing for informational interviews. I would recommend Ethan to anyone who is looking for career advice.”

Michael Simon

“Ethan is truly a compassionate coach. He listens to your needs and works with you to serve your best interest. He helps you prioritize your goals and keeps you focused at them. Ethan checks in consistently and gives value-added recommendations and suggestions that push you further in your career development.”

Roselyn Chew, NYC

“A former co-worker had been trying to get me to interview with her new company for some time. It is sales, but not in my current industry. I finally said okay, and “luckily” had a fantastic resume to send over. Long story short, I start my new job in a few weeks! Thanks again.”

Stefanie, Hoboken, NJ

“Thank you for all of your incite and time. You are great at galvanizing and guiding people, and I will recommend your services to anyone looking for small business help.”

Olivia Whelan,

“Ethan is passionate about career coaching. He provides focused, helpful strategy.

Alice Chiu, NYC

“I enjoyed the flexibility and make up of participants and the relevance of the topic (Time Management.) You were well prepared and took the time to research our attendee information, while challenging the participants to do/think/try new approaches.”

Peter de Boon

“Creativeness, enthusiasm and energy. Your course (Time Management) ideas seem promising and I would have liked to have more time (to discuss, explore) than only 3 hours.”

Tom Gant, Director, Salem, NJ Water/Sewer Dept.

“I have attended many Diversity & Inclusion seminars over the past few years and this (Diversity & Inclusion) program presented by Ethan was by far the best that I have ever been involved with.  If your company has a need for a D&I training program, I highly recommend The Chazin Group and its Owner, Ethan Chazin.  It will be the best workplace seminar you will offer your employees.”

Bill Potter, President, SHRM, Central NJ Chapter

“Ethan’s (public speaking) workshop is life-transforming he has a rare blend of humor, experience and dynamic grit.”

Rachel Hood, Operation Hope

“Getting a step by step (public speaking) plan for crafting  powerful presentation was so helpful in preparing me for networking & outreach.”

Rachel Hood, Operation Hope

“Your (public speaking) training inspired me to take public speaking to the next level.”

Dania Cristobal, Brownsville Partnership

“I loved how engaging you were. You make a challenging feat (public speaking) significantly less daunting.”

Kenton Kirby, Crown Heights Community Mediation Center

“Your Public Speaking workshop provided me with the first opportunity to publicly speak. I was nervous, but thought of your advice and visualized your presentation and used it to speak with truth and power.”

Rhea Smith, Senator Jessee Hamilton

“Ethan is a motivational speaker.  He was encouraging; listening to his talk “Brand yourself for a successful career” made me immediately focus on how I could apply what he was describing as unique, memorable and invaluable, to myself and my career goals.  He appeared very dedicated passionate about job searches and how to prepare for them successfully as a student.  I appreciated his talk and hope he provides many more!”


Danielle Bruscella, Accounting Major, Wagner College

Ethan’s presentation: “The art of public speaking and compelling elevator pitches” was concise and engaging.  I could relate to all of the topics he covered.  The biggest takeaways for me were preparing your talk to answer the audience’s questions: “What’s in it for me?” and “So what?”

Rhonie Lester, Communications & Outreach Leader, Presbyterian Church of St. Albans

“Professor Chazin is a delightful, caring mentor and a professional adviser who is able to share with you valuable knowledge and provide helpful advice. I learned a lot from him!”

Wenbo Ding, Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

“I appreciate the environment you provided. It really allowed us to be communicative with each other and learn different points of view. Additionally, you always succeeded in keeping our attention with your helpful life advice that came with each chapter’s lesson in class. Your Powerpoints and resources helped me greater to further my understanding of this course (Organizational Behavior). You’re a great professor!”

Kajal Tripathi, Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

“Mr. Chazin is an honorable and well-rounded person that knows his material and has become a very reputable person in my life.”

Benjamin Moreno, Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

“The course (Organizational Behavior) was very enjoyable and helpful. I really want to thank you for your effort over the past four months. The lessons you gave widened my vision and knowledge to understand the organization. Your enthusiasm and energy was so impressive that I was often captivated to your speaking. I believe that your speaking sills and energy can strongly attract the audience and your clients.”

Munsu Lee, Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

“thank you so much for this semester. You did not just teach me about Organizational behavior, you helped me to learn about myself and what I truly want to pursue in my future. You teach so much that goes beyond the classroom and I am forever thankful. Every day of class you fought for us and our futures by pleading us to go into roles/jobs that make us truly happy. You are fighting a battle so few people fight and I thank you for that.”

John Johannot, Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

“The things I learned in Organizational Behavior this year dispelled a lot of myths I believed to be true within organizations. Professor Chazin offered a ton of real-life work epxeriences, and because of that I feel so much more confident with what I want to seek out in an occupation, and how I should go about securing it.”

Alec Horvath, Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

“I enjoyed that this class (Organizational Behavior) was not just about the textbook o tests. This class taught me about values, virtues, what really matters in life, what I care about in my future. It made me think about my values and my characteristics that make me who I am. From now on, I can confidently say that before doing anything, I will first see if it matches my values and if I want to do it. Thank you, Professor Chazin!”

Sera Alkan, Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

“From the moment you walk into Professor Chazin’s classroom, you receive the utmost respect and a s ense of feeling that the professor genuinely cares for your well-being. It was a privilege to have taken this class (Organizational behavior) taught by Professor Chazin.”

Nimish Sutaria, Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

“I felt really lucky to have taken this course (Organizational Behavior.) I found it really useful and helpful, as it has provided many insights that will affect my future career choices. This course taught me that job satisfaction is more important than the compensation it offers, that the workforce around the world has become really mechanized and lifeless and that it should be our (Millennial) generation’s goal to create a more creative and engaged workforce with the leadership skills and values we will offer others that will come after us.”

Michael Adut, Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

“Professor Chazin proved masterful knowledge of the course (Organizational Behavior) material, while at the same time remainign sincere with the students. In doing so, I felt motivated and engaged throughout the course and was driven to succeed.”

Daniel Oh, Student, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

“Ethan was an amazing instructor that was able to take really dry subject (Professionalism) and transform it into a lively attention-grabbing program that did not feel like four hours in a classroom. Thank you!!” October 12, 2016.

Jonathan Capitelli, Emergency Medical Service, Jersey City Medical Center

“The strategies and approach you shared helped guide my overall understanding of true professionalism and how to apply them towards helping me to maximize my full potential in the future. Thank you for being passionate about what you teach.” October 12, 2016.

Suzane Thomas, Jersey City Medical Center

“I enjoyed your presentation on Professionalism. It was eye-opening. It change my perspective on a lot of things. I would definitely recommend it for my co-workers. I can apply what I learned in my work and personal life. Thank you.” October 12, 2016.

Milagros Rivera, Counseling & Testing, Greenville Site, Jersey City Medical Ctr.

“Your enthusiasm kept us on the edge of our seats!” (Remaining Ethical in a Morally Compromised World, Sept. 30, 2016.)

Mike Candarella, President, Dept. of Public Works, South Orange, NJ,

“Ethan was great. He presented effectively on a topic (“Remaining Ethical in a Morally Compromised World”) that is so, SO important! Thank you!”

Kyle Nelson, President, Dept. of Public Works, City of Orange Township,

“Ethan, I found vour presentation (“Being Ethical in a Morally Compromised World) highly informative and enthusiastic. You enforced principles which I believe in, while introducing new information. I feel I will be better able to perform my daily job in interacting with my employees and the public, because of your course. I certainly would recommend you to my peers and will keep an eye out for more of your offerings.”

Kyle Nelson, President, Dept. of Public Works, Maplewood Township,

“I enjoyed the (Emotional Intelligence) presentation and Ethan is a passionate speaker. He combined just the right amount of humor and personal experience..”

Kim, Matheny Medical Center

“Thank you for a comprehensive review of Emotional Intelligence and its importance in the workplace.”

Gary Eddey MD, Matheny Medical Center

“On behalf of The Queens Fellowship, I want to sincerely thank you for your lively and effective presentation on Public Speaking and Elevator Pitches at Tuesday’s seminar.  It was a tremendous opportunity for the Fellows to hear from you as they begin crafting their messages to further their work and organization’s missions across the borough of Queens and your presentation provided a fantastic framework for the Fellows to start on this journey.  In their evaluations of the day, the Fellows mentioned how they thought your presentation to be very engaging, constructive and provided clear-cut instruction on a subject that is difficult for many.  They also appreciated your critiques and will integrate those suggestions into their future pitches.  We greatly appreciate the time and energy you spent on Tuesday’s meeting!”

Hannah Weinerman, Program Director, Queens Initiatives, Jewish Community Relations Council

“Ethan Chazin of The Chazin Group is so thorough!  He has years of experience and walks you through each step necessary to take your business to the next level!”

Sequina DuBose, Entrepreneur, ArtsCentric LLC

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